4Clicks Solutions has joined Gordian

e4Clicks Project Estimator is added to Gordian's suite of best-in-class solutions

About 4Clicks

Advanced Construction Industry Solutions

Many of our team have worked in the industry as cost estimators, project managers, & engineers. We’ve been in fallout in September.  We’ve been a single estimator with 60 projects. We listen to our customers and take their suggestions & feedback to develop solutions for the changing needs of cost estimators.

Our Team is the Key

Our team of dedicated, passionate, & driven individuals come to work each day anticipating the privilege of working for you! Many have worked in the industry as cost estimators, project managers, and engineers.

Now we watch, listen and take your suggestions to develop real world solutions!

Don't take our word for it.

  • Much Easier Than Using the Books
    “My favorite part of the class was the data base. Being able to look up prices on the computer is much easier than using the books. The most helpful tool was copying the estimates and not having to start over each time.”

    Facility Owner
  • Very Pleased with JOC Software Training
    “I want to let you know that my Team was very pleased with our training over the past couple days. Jesse was great and we could not have asked for anyone any better to guide us through the steps. Our NEC is loading the software on the server as I type and I’m hoping by the end of today everyone will be able to access the software and start working with it. Like anything that’s new we will have our challenges but Jesse gave me a real warm feeling that 4Clicks will always be there to help in those times of need. Again, please let Jesse know that we were very satisfied with his presentation and that he did a great job.”

  • Inspired to Estimate!
    “I just wanted to let you know that Bruce Sarty is doing a great job with us here in Houston. I think my PM’s are now inspired to start estimating. Thanks for encouraging us to undertake this training. We learned a lot and I got a lot of positive feedback from the whole crew. My proposal time has gotten much better!! Div 26…the most misunderstood division…and the best!!”

    Houston, TX
  • Greatest Since Sliced Bread!
    “We finally secured the JOC and we have 2 new projects to start. We were told this is the first time they have awarded the projects without any changes. We owe it to your team, and the software that is the greatest since sliced bread. Thank you!”

    West CPM, Inc. Mechanical Contractors