Come to our 2-Day Hybrid Class in Las Vegas~June 10-11

We have trained thousands of folks, and we know not everyone can spend two days in our Introductory class and then another two days in our Advanced. So we are taking the best out of each class and combining them. This class is all about cranking out estimates in e4Clicks! This class is uniquely designed. Brand new users can go from zero to hero. Experienced users can master the graduate level tools. We are picking up the training pace and grabbing the coolest estimating tools from our 2-Day Introductory and 2-Day Advanced class and presenting them in our new 2-Day Hybrid class.

From the Introductory Class:

• Projects, Estimates, Line Items, Guide

• RSMeans and Custom Line Items

• Estimate Reports and Importing/Exporting

• Copy, Paste, Clone, and Project Explorer

From the Advanced Class:

• Batch Modify

• Repricing Estimates

• Select Modifiers

• Pricing Guide Tools

Come prepared to learn these tools (and more) as we reinforce them with our hands-on class exercises. Learn more & Register here!


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