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4Clicks provides advanced solutions for the construction industry with powerful tools
to connect people, information and processes – anytime, anywhere.
  • Michael Brown

    Founder and President

    I date back to 1981 as a plumber in the United States Air Force. Literally starting in the trenches, and getting my feet wet, I was introduced to cost estimating and project management.

  • Jeff Slarve

    Senior Software Developer

    Jeff’s ability to efficiently transform theoretical ideas into real world implementation is one of the key reasons that our software truly is unparalleled…

  • Amy Rader

    Technical Support Manager

    Amy manages our customer and technical support and is very customer service oriented…

  • Tom Cassidy

    Chief Operations Officer

    Tom is a licensed professional engineer with 10+ years of design, estimating, and project management experience at Peterson AFB…

Passionate | Dedicated | Driven

Meet the
4Clicks Team

We are a team of dedicated, passionate, driven individuals who come to work every day with the privilege of working for you! Many of our team members have walked in your shoes, working in the industry as cost estimators, project managers, and engineers. We’ve been in fallout in September.  We have searched for the perfect line item.  We have been a single estimator with 60 projects to estimate, or part of a team that worked together to process millions of dollars of delivery orders. Now we watch, we listen, and we take your suggestions and feedback to develop real world solutions that meet your changing needs. It’s what sets us apart and makes the difference in how we deliver our products, training, and services that you can only experience with 4Clicks Solutions. Thanks for hearing a little bit about our story, but the truth is, we are more excited to hear about yours!

It was pleasure meeting you and thank you very much for an excellent class. It was very informative, well organized and provided me with valuable knowledge and know-how.

Mechanical Engineer, CA

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Clear market dominance – we are the preferred solution in the DOD sector.


Put our team, with 100+ years in combined Estimating and Project Management experience, to work for your company.


Outstanding reputation with Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and AEs.


4Clicks has been issued one software patent and has two software patents pending!

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Solutions that enhance productivity, collaboration, and transparency.

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