A snapshot of our achievements.


Jan 2016

4Clicks Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary!

4Clicks is honored to be in business and serving our customers for 15 years. We are so grateful for the strong, enduring relationships we have developed over the years, and all of the new ones afforded to us when we earn a new customer’s business!
Jul 2015

4Clicks Signs 3 Year Agreement

One year after RSMeans™ was acquired by The Gordian Group™, 4Clicks and The Gordian Group sign a 3 year agreement for 4Clicks to continue being a reseller of RSMeans Data.
Jun 2015

4Clicks awarded U.S. Patent!

Invention STORING APPLICATION DATA WITH A UNIQUE ID ~ Patent No. 9,053,117 4Clicks was issued a Patent for Storing Application Data (3528-P10980US). We have been striving hard for the past five (5) years to develop truly unique cloud computing applications to assist our clients reach the next levels of productivity, collaboration, and transparency. Ceasel, or cloud cost estimating system embeds the capabilities of this Patent and several other unique features. Archiving information is different from processing information and having historical information available real-time. The ability to see information from virtually any point in time, including all subsequent changes (who changed what, when, and how) is extremely powerful and valuable. This is what our new Patent is all about.
Jun 2015

The FAA selects e4Clicks for Estimating

We are delighted to have the Federal Aviation Administration choose e4Clicks as their estimating software!
Feb 2015

New Electrical Estimating Class Begins

Our newest estimating class: Introduction to Electrical Estimating, took place in Las Vegas, NV in February. For more information about this class, please see our training page.
Jan 2015

USDOE awards 4Clicks 5 Year Contract

The United States Department of Energy awards a 5 year contract for e4Clicks to be their estimating software for their Project Management group
May 2014

Belinda Brown joins 4Clicks

Belinda is bringing with her years of project management, marketing and strategic planning experience, as well as almost 10 years in education. Belinda will lead the 4Clicks Marketing team by managing our company’s brand and image. They are going to get our message out to the world. Get ready to see exciting things via social media, emails, newsletters and events.
Apr 2014

Ryan Brown joins 4Clicks

Ryan Brown joins the 4Clicks Sales team. Ryan knows how to put the customer first and understands the value of providing great service and value. Ryan brings a passion and energy to the sales team, as well as years of experience in sales and marketing.
Jan 2014

First Introduction to Architectural Estimating Training Class!

This training is for every e4Clicks user! This is an opportunity to hone and perfect your estimating skills. Join us for a two-day course as we guide you through the process of estimation using e4Clicks Projects Estimator. You will walk away from this class confident in your estimating skills!
Jan 2014

4Clicks attends National BIM Conference

4Clicks participates in national forum for Building Information Management and highlights need to focus upon standardized “best practices” for cost estimating and life-cycle management of the built environment.
Jan 2014

Katie Cassidy joins 4Clicks

Katie joins 4Clicks as the Creative Coordinator. She received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming. She brings a new perspective to the 4Clicks team as she is new to the industry. Katie’s experience includes her work in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors. She has experience in special event planning, grants, annual fund campaigns, marketing, business development, planning, and strategy.
Dec 2013

4Clicks supports over 85% of USAF

4Clicks reaches a major milestone as more and more USAF bases recognize the importance of standardized best practices, transparency, and collaboration. Over 85% of CONUS USAF bases use e4Clicks Project Estimator to support SABER and other IDIQ construction procurement and delivery methods. Air Force teams, working with their supporting contractors and AEs, are able to get more projects completed on-time and on-schedule.
Sep 2013

e4Clicks Getting Started Class

4Clicks introduces its first “e4Clicks Getting Started Class” class.
Jul 2013

4Clicks Wins USACE Ft. Worth Contract

4Clicks wins Ft. Worth District solicitation for a Job Order Contracting Unit Price Book (UPB), Technical Specifications, and Software. 4Clicks technology will support JOC programs at Corpus Christi Army Depot, TX, Fort Bliss, TX, Fort Hood, TX, Fort Polk, LA, Fort Sam Houston, TX and White Sands Missile Range, NM.
Jul 2013

Virtual Classes

Learn from the experts without leaving your office with 4Clicks VIRTUAL training.
Mar 2013

4Clicks CMO selected for NIBS National BIM Standard Planning Committee

4Clicks CMO, Peter Cholakis is elected Chair of NBIMS.US.3.0 (National BIM Standard) Terminology Committee and to serve on U.S. Planning Committee.
Mar 2013

4Clicks Estimating with RSMeans™ Training Class

4Clicks introduces its first “4Clicks Estimating with RSMeans” class.
Jan 2013

RSMeans™ Facilities, Maintenance, and Repair (FMR) Cost Data Available in e4Clicks Project Estimator

4Clicks users now have access to the first-ever publication to address the cost of all aspects of maintaining a facility: maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance, general maintenance, and complete details about the cost and repair frequencies of thousands of work items. The cost data provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of buildings and grounds, from preventive maintenance schedules on large boilers, to replacing fire hydrants, to resurfacing parking lots.What you’ll find inside:
  • Assembly costs are arranged in the convenient UNIFORMATII numbering system and include corrective maintenance and repairs as well as preventive maintenance.
  • Unit costs for general maintenance include exterior landscape maintenance and interior janitorial cleaning tasks. All items include bare costs, in-house costs, and outside contractor costs.
Aug 2012

SAME TME publishes “Cloud Computing and BIM” SAME’s “

4Clicks highlights impacts of cloud computing and BIM as disruptive technologies that will improve the fundamental business aspects of the construction sector.
Jul 2012

Jesse Smith joins 4Clicks

Jesse Smith, Lead Integration Specialist, joins the 4Clicks team.
Mar 2012

Partnering with Education Program

4Clicks provides free construction cost estimating software for educational use.
Jul 2011

70% Air Force Base Adoption

Over 70% of Air Force Bases now use Project Estimator.Learn more about our DOD expertise.
Jun 2011

4Clicks on the Road

4Clicks presented at AACEI, SAME, and the Federal Project Delivery Symposium. See all of 4Clicks upcoming events.
Apr 2011

4Clicks Celebrates 10 Years!

4Clicks Celebrates 10 Years!
Mar 2011

4Clicks Training CEUs available.

4Clicks becomes an Advance Education Provider and is certified by AACE International. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are available to be issued to students attending and completing 4Clicks training classes.
Feb 2011

Bruce Sarty joins 4Clicks

Bruce Sarty, retired United States Air Force, has a career spanning over 30 years of construction, preventive maintenance, project management, and training in the DOD and private sectors. Just for starters, Bruce has used e4Clicks Project Estimator since 2001 as well as applied all aspects of RSMeans Reference Cost Data and methodology. He has served as Deputy Base Civil Engineer in the Philippines, SABER Project Manager at March AFB in California, and in the private sector as Operations Manager for a multi-million dollar contractor/construction management firm successfully directing and supporting all aspects of multiple JOC/SABER and IDIQ projects from RFP to completionLearn more about the 4Clicks team.
Jan 2011


Kosten-Technik joins the 4Clicks Partnership Program. Learn more about our partnerships.
Aug 2010

RS Means Master Agreement Renewal

4Clicks attends IFMA in RSMeans Booth, 4Clicks attends APPA with RSMeans.Learn more about our partnerships.
Jul 2010


4Clicks delivers increased access and value to Owners and Clients by providing rapid web access to a wide range of tools and resources.
Jun 2010


4Clicks exhibits at COAA and SAME. See all of 4Clicks upcoming events.
May 2010

Dave Trebas joins 4Clicks

Dave Trebas, Software Architect, joins the 4Clicks team. Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Apr 2010

Peter Cholakis joins 4Clicks

Peter managed corporate partnerships encompassing the electronic integration construction cost data into OEM and Owner software applications for RSMeans Company, LLC. Peter joined us, because “More people need to know about JOC and 4Clicks! 4Clicks is the best product out there, has a great team, and JOC is the most efficient construction delivery method for facilities repair, renovation, and sustainability.” Peter brings us exceptional domain knowledge and expertise in facilities life-cycle costs and total cost of ownership applicable to multiple market segments.Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Mar 2010

White Paper published

4Clicks publishes JOC White Paper. See all 4Clicks publications.
Feb 2010

SAME Article

4Clicks article- Integrated Order Contracting published in TME- The Military Engineer.See all 4Clicks publications.
Jan 2010

Peterson Air Force Base

Peterson Air Force Base – 21st Civil Engineering Squadron: Design and Construction of September 11th Memorial via SABER. JBI Construction/SB Construction is the SABER contractor. Learn more about the clients who work with 4Clicks.
Jul 2009

1st Regional Training Class

4Clicks hosts its first regional training class in San Antonio, Texas. Learn more about our world-class training.
Jun 2009

1000th Sale

4Clicks makes its 1000th sale with MW-All Star Seymour at Johnson AFB in North Carolina. Learn more about the clients who work with 4Clicks.
May 2009

Bill Trout

Bill Trout, Software Developer, joins the 4Clicks team. Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Apr 2009

Chelsi Brown joins the 4Clicks team

Chelsi Brown joins the 4Clicks team. Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Feb 2009

e4Clicks 2.604 Ships

Version 2.604 of e4Clicks Project Estimator ships. Learn more about our products.
Jan 2009

1st National Training Class

4Clicks hosts its first national training class in Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn more about our world-class training.
Feb 2008

Amanda Cassidy joins 4Clicks

Amanda Cassidy joins the 4Clicks team. Learn more about the 4Clicks team.

Tom Cassidy joins 4Clicks

Tom Cassidy comes on board as the Chief Operating Officer. Tom is a licensed professional engineer with 10+ years of design, estimating, and project management experience at Peterson AFB. Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Feb 2006

50% Air Force Base Adoption

Over 50% of Air Force Bases are using Project Estimator. Learn more about our DoD expertise.
Jul 2005

GSA Schedule

4Clicks is awarded a GSA contract with the help of Coley and Associates. See full GSA schedule.
Jun 2005

eTakeoff Agreement

4Clicks secures eTakeoff agreement. Learn more about our partnerships.
May 2005

RSMeans™ Master Agreement

4Clicks secures RSMeans™ Master Agreement. Learn more about our partnerships.
Apr 2004

25% Air Force Base Adoption

Over 25% of Air Force Bases are using Project Estimator. Learn more about our DoD expertise.
Apr 2002

100th Sale

4Clicks makes its 100th sale with Heart of Dixie Fort in Walton Beach, Florida.Learn more about the clients who work with 4Clicks.
Mar 2002

1st Air Force Reserve Client

4Clicks is awarded a contract with March ARB in California. Learn more about our DoD expertise.
Mar 2002

Partership with RSMeans

4Clicks exclusively enhances RSMeans™ Cost Data from approximately 80,000 line items to well over 400,000. The value of delivering line item modifiers in plain English to Owners and Contractors will lead to 4Clicks becoming the largest reseller of electronic RSMeans Cost Data.
Feb 2002

p4Clicks Software Introduced

4Clicks introduces p4Clicks software. Learn more about our products.
Mar 2001

1st Army Contract

4Clicks is awarded a contract with Fort Irwin in California.Learn more about our DoD expertise.
Feb 2001

Amy Rader and Jeff Slarve join 4Clicks

Amy Rader, Technical Support Manager and Jeff Slarve, Senior Software Developer join the 4Clicks team.Learn more about the 4Clicks team.
Feb 2001

First Client Application

4Clicks is awarded the Wright Patterson AFB SABER Contract.Learn more about the clients who work with 4Clicks.
Feb 2001

e4Clicks Product Introduced

e4Clicks Project Estimator™ is introduced and destined to become a premier software application for construction cost estimating and efficient project delivery within the DOD sector.  The software now exclusively delivers:

  • Cost estimating, project management, contract management, document management, and visual estimating… all in a single program.
  • 400,000 line item enhancement of RSMeans™ Cost Data (generally available with approximately 80,000 line items) with full descriptions, references, images, and specifications.
  • Automated Technical Evaluations, enabling Owners to quickly compare Contractor and Owner estimates.
  • Complete Post Negotiations Memorandums for Contractors to identify the changes that happened during the Owner/Contractor negotiation process.
  • Embedded project delivery and contract processes – JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, and more.
  • Ability to directly populate government forms.

Learn more about our products.

Jan 2001

4Clicks is Founded by Michael Brown

4Clicks was started because our founder, Michael Brown, had an idea while “working in your shoes”, serving as an estimator and project manager for the United States Air Force. Since 2001, we remain driven to continually listen to your feedback and offer real world solutions that meet your changing needs. It’s what sets us apart and makes the difference in how we deliver our products, training, and services that you can only experience with 4Clicks Solutions.Learn more about Michael and 4Clicks.

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