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Our Mission Statement – 4Clicks provides advanced solutions for the construction industry with powerful tools to connect people, information and processes – anytime, anywhere.

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We are a team of dedicated, passionate driven individuals who come to work every day with the privilege of working for you!  Many of my team members have walked in your shoes working in the industry as cost estimators, project managers, and engineers.  We’ve been in fallout in September, we’ve searched for the perfect line item, we’ve been a single estimator with 60 projects to estimate or part of a team that worked together to process millions of dollars of delivery orders. Now we watch, we listen and we take your suggestions and feedback to develop real world solutions that meet your changing needs. It’s what sets us apart and makes the difference in how we deliver our products, training, and services that you can only experience with 4Clicks Solutions.  Thanks for hearing a little bit about our story, but the truth is, we are more excited to hear about yours!

Michael Brown
Founder and President

My cost estimating and project management career literally began in the trenches over 29 years ago as an Airman at the United States Air Force. My first duty assignment was the United States Air Force Academy. It was here I learned about plumbing, backflow preventers, gas distribution, fire protection, worked in Planning; and with the SMART team. It was at the SMART team where I was introduced to construction: changing thousands of feet of cove base, hanging drywall and painting, wallpapering, even running a little conduit and operating some heavy equipment. I spent a year in the KUN at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea, worked in the plumbing shop, planning, and then the self-help store, and was proud to be a Red Devil and learn what war games were all about!

In 1989, I moved to Luke Air Force Base and wanted to try something new. So I asked if I could be in SABER, it was brand new to the Air Force and looked like an exciting job. There I realized I had a knack for estimating as well as bad handwriting and I created my first estimating software program called JOC-EZ. It was among the first Air Force SABER estimating software of its kind. My thanks to Colonel Descheneaux and Kobashigawa for their trust, confidence and allowing me to work in SABER.

I then moved into the civilian workplace. As a Project Engineer, Project Manager, Director of Estimating and then Director of Information Services I helped a small 8(a) contractor company grow from 3 contracts a year to 30+ in a few short years. During this time, I developed another estimating software program called iqEstimator. Initially, creating my own software was my solution to handwritten estimates but with the increased contract volume we experienced, it didn’t take long to realize that we could do more work, in less time, and with greater accuracy than any manual method.

In 2001, my hands-on experience with being an estimator and creating estimating software shaped the foundation of 4Clicks Solutions. I’ve been blessed to travel extensively demonstrating my product and have enjoyed meeting many exciting people from Contracting, CE, DPW, AE’s, Contractors and Subcontractors, some of whom are still clients and great friends.

Jeff Slarve
Senior Software Developer

Soon after leaving the Air Force, I realized that I needed even more programming ability. So I sought out and partnered with one of the foremost programmers in the field, Jeff Slarve. Jeff is our lead programmer for both e4Clicks and p4Clicks. Jeff’s ability to efficiently transform theoretical ideas into real world implementation is one of the key reasons that our software truly is unparalleled.

I first met Jeff in the early 1990’s and we had talked about working together.  Around the mid 1990’s we began working together. The first app was for sending bulk pages, back before everyone had cell phones! A software program to roll up the company data from all the project sites and a property management program called iqCM then followed.

I’ve spent 20 years working with Jeff; one of the most intelligent, common sense hard working programmers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  It would be impossible for 4Clicks to do what we do every day in supporting our customers without Jeff!

Amy Rader
Technical Support Manager

I met Amy through Jeff Slarve. Amy has worked with me since 1998 while I was at Beneco.  Amy has watched our software develop from DOS to windows, from single user to network. Amy manages our customer and technical support and is very customer service oriented.  She enjoys the people who work in the world of estimating, describing them in her own words as “a really great group of people… friendly, flexible and wonderful at giving constructive feedback, suggestions and wishes.”

We have always believed strongly in customer service and of providing a live voice for technical support. Amy has run Technical Support since the company’s launch. Our clients continually praise her for her help and insight. Amy also plays a major role in determining our clients’ needs and proposing program enhancements, while also applying her expertise to write and manage our incredibly extensive Help files.

Tom Cassidy
Chief Operations Officer

In 2003, I met Tom Cassidy, truly my right hand man, while working with the Peterson AFB SABER Team.  Tom is a licensed professional engineer with 10+ years of design, estimating, and project management experience at Peterson AFB.

As a key part of the 4Clicks Team, Tom uses his experience to develop and manage our training programs and plays a key role learning what new software features our clients require, as well as supporting our HR, help desk and back office teams.

Tom joined 4Clicks in 2007. The years Tom has been with 4Clicks have provided me with one of my closest friends and one of the hardest working people I know in the business, and yes he’s all about our business and working for you. I appreciate you Tom Cassidy!  The impossible becomes possible with people like you.

Amanda Cassidy
Administrative Executive

I started working with Amanda in 2005 as a contract worker. She jumped right in enhancing our training and marketing programs.  She helps me with book keeping, and is the voice of several of our marketing and training videos. Amanda is a great friend and a huge blessing to our team.  She is responsible for payroll, setting up training classes, health care, dealing with taxes, insurance, all of the important things we have to get done.  Thank you for your support and keeping us all paid and allowing us to focus on the clients and front side of 4Clicks!

Bruce Sarty
Director of Sales & Training

Bruce, retired United States Air Force, has a career spanning over 30 years of construction, preventive maintenance, project management, and training in the DOD and private sectors.

Just for starters, Bruce has used e4Clicks Project Estimator since 2001 as well as applied all aspects of RSMeans Reference Cost Data and methodology. He has served as Deputy Base Civil Engineer in the Philippines, SABER Project Manager at March AFB in California, and in the private sector as Operations Manager for a multimillion dollar contractor/construction management firm successfully directing and supporting all aspects of multiple JOC/SABER and IDIQ projects from RFP to completion.

Jesse Smith
Training Executive

Jesse works with Bruce Sarty to continue enhancing our training programs.  He works hard to provide the best training courses, materials, and programs to our awesome clients. As a trainer, he wants to show everyone how they can get the most out of e4Clicks Project Estimator, and their cost data.  Jesse brings years of experience in the public works sector and CAD.  Jesse previously worked for the Arizona Water Company for several years in CAD, designing plans. He maintained maps for the state of Arizona, and oversaw the transition to full digital maps and design.  A California native, Jesse migrated to Arizona and met a lovely lady who became his wife in 2011.  It turns out that the lady was my daughter Chelsi Mari – the rest is history!

Dave Trebas
Senior Software Developer

Dave Trebas is the developer of RSMeans™ CostWorks so he knows RSMeans™! About five years ago someone introduced us and that was truly a meant to be moment. Dave and Jeff are two of the most intelligent programmers in the Cost Estimating business. They have a unique ability to grasp what our clients need and present that in our software solutions.

Katie Cassidy
Director of Finance 

Katie received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming.  Katie brings experience from her work in both the nonprofit and for profit sectors. Since Katie has come aboard, she has been involved in multiple projects supporting 4Clicks Operations.  Recently, Katie has accepted the position of Director of Finance, where she oversees Accounting, Budgeting, and Recordkeeping for 4Clicks.  Chances are, you’ve already heard from Katie via a customer quote or invoice!  And by the way, she is Tom Cassidy’s sister, and serves as a critical asset to our team!

Ryan Brown
Account Executive

Ryan is our Sales Account Executive.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ryan Brown since birth and he always puts the customer first.  He understands the value of providing great service and value.  I am very impressed with his passion and energy as well as years of experience in sales and marketing.  Yes, Ryan is related to me.  He’s my sister’s son.

Belinda Brown
Director of Marketing Communications

I met Belinda in the Fall of 2004. She was one of the few people I asked to look at my original website, as well as this ‘Meet 4Clicks’ page. Since I first met my B, I have always valued her intelligence, creativity, kindness, love for people and ROCK HARD attention to detail. Life starts when you say “I do.” Belinda and I were married in January of 2014. I was blessed knowing I would spend the rest of my life, with the love of my life! We have a unique story to tell!

Belinda is bringing with her years of project management, strategic planning and marketing experience, as well as almost 10 years in education. I could not be happier to see her joining our team to work on the Marketing side of 4Clicks. As Director of Marketing Communications, she will manage our company’s brand and image. She will help get our message out to the world, as well as maintain our company website. You will see exciting things via social media, emails, newsletters and events; it is fun watching the process. She is teaching me new things everyday! #ThisIsExciting!  I am so blessed to have her in my life, so glad she said “I do” first, and “I will” now.

Sharon Clanton
Technical Support

Sharon is our newest addition to 4Clicks.  Sharon assists Amy on the front lines, answering questions and giving amazing technical support to our customers!

Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with who we are, what we do and where we have been and where we are going.


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Michael Brown, Founder and President