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Bruce was a great instructor!  He was extremely helpful and kept the class interested and engaged.  Kudos to him!
– Facility Owner, USAF

The instructor was very engaging and helped us every step of the way, from the basics to advanced applications.  The most helpful tool was the hands-on training itself, and the ability to go from lecture to immediate practical application.  Mr. Sarty was a great instructor and e4Clicks was an unexpected powerhouse software!
– Facility Owner, USAF

My favorite part of the class was the data base. Being able to look up prices on the computer is much easier than using the books. The most helpful tool was copying the estimates and not having to start over each time.
– Facility Owner, USAF

I want to let you know that my Team was very pleased with our training over the past couple days. Jesse was great and we could not have asked for anyone any better to guide us through the steps. Our NEC is loading the software on the server as I type and I’m hoping by the end of today everyone will be able to access the software and start working with it. Like anything that’s new we will have our challenges but Jesse gave me a real warm feeling that 4Clicks will always be there to help in those times of need. Again, please let Jesse know that we were very satisfied with his presentation and that he did a great job.
– Chief, JOC

My favorite part of the class was practical interaction with the instructor. Bruce is an excellent instructor and the course content is spot-on. Thank you!
– Project Manager, AZ

I enjoyed the introductory e4Clicks training. Mr Sarty is an expert trainer. He provided assistance and answered all the questions in a professional manner. Hope to see him teach other e4Clicks courses here at Travis AFB.
– Project Manager, Travis AFB

Bruce Sarty was a quality, professional yet personal instructor. I was very impressed with his passion for teaching. He was very knowledgeable and really showed concern in making sure that we understood the material. The rest of my classmates were also impressed with everything. He did an excellent job and recommends that he comes back to Travis AFB to do the 4 day class. Thank you for sending a quality and qualified instructor! Excellent and professional job e4Clicks!
– 4Clicks User, Travis AFB, CA

I enjoyed the exercises and the technical evaluation part of the class. One for the most helpful tools to me was the templates. It will enable me to speed the IGE process up. Mr. Sarty presented the information great and kept the entire class engaged in all the course materials. His training classes are always educational and informative. E4Clicks is a very useful tool and I appreciate all the trainings provided.
– 502 CES/CENMLA, JBSA Lackland, TX

I enjoyed the class. I like how the software is very user friendly. I am going to become a pro very quickly!
– Mechanical Engineer, USAF

A big thanks to Bruce! He was super and the team enjoyed his class. Please let the management of 4Clicks know! And to 4Clicks: Thank you for the continued support!
– Software User, USMA West Point

Bruce had a bunch of COs on the phone and many did not have the admin rights to download the training software, so he had a challenging group on his hands. Bruce was very patient and an excellent educator. If I were an owner, I’d fight to hire HIM! Very helpful information for me to be able to administer a SABER. So, much appreciated. It’s a pretty cool tool! Best regards to the team there. Thank you!
– User, National Park Service

Bruce did a great job and was patient as many were late in preparing for the class! Being retired Air Force myself, I liked his wallpaper on his monitor!
– Officer, National Park Service


The most helpful tool is the multiple usage of batch modify. This was an excellent refresher course, especially the use of the hot keys/control keys for expediting the estimate!
– Contractor ~ Houston, TX

I just wanted to let you know that Bruce Sarty is doing a great job with us here in Houston. I think my PM’s are now inspired to start estimating. Thanks for encouraging us to undertake this training. We learned a lot and I got a lot of positive feedback from the whole crew. My proposal time has gotten much better!! Div 26…the most misunderstood division…and the best!!
– Contractor ~ Houston, TX

Thanks so much for the class. You are an amazing instructor. I too have taught a few classes in my day and there were many things you did which were neat to watch. You made each person in that class feel special. Well done!
– Contracotr, TX

My favorite part of the class was learning the system tools. The most helpful tool was copy and paste estimates and line items. Tom kept the class enthused throughout the course which aided in retention.
– John Rhinehart, Project Manager, Infinite Energy Construction, Inc.

Our Company would to thank Bruce for a very informative day of e4Clicks training. Bruce was able to teach the basic skills to two of the attendees, while at the same time, help me get TWO IDIQ estimates out on a deadline. He was able to show us valuable options that were easily accepted by the Government. Bruce was also available for several late night phone calls for another last minute IDIQ estimate that was approved.

The more that we are using e4Clicks, the more I am coming to realize what valuable tool we have to use. We have a future training class scheduled that I am looking forward to. Thanks again for a great class and for Bruce’s ability to make a new system easy to understand.
– Chief Estimator, San Antonio, TX

Bruce was very informing and kept the group interested in the software for two full days. He helped the estimators needing extra assistance until everyone understood the lesson.
– Contractor, CA

Bruce was great at keeping the class moving and very interesting. His experiences at different positions within the government industry is a huge advantage.
– Contractor, FL

4Clicks Hybrid 2-Day is a great class for a newbie. The Instructor was great, kept us focused! The most helpful tool was: copy/paste and import/export.
– 4Clicks New User Attendee

As always I enjoyed the class and I learn something else every time. One day I might even be as good as Amy but I doubt I will live that long.
– Sr Project Manager, Northcon, Inc.

My favorite part of the class was the schedule. Bruce kept everyone focused and on task. The most helpful tool was ALL of it! I have already used the mouse pad. The study guide has a new home right beside my computer.
– Contractor, SC


The OWNER was thrilled with the training Bruce provided…they like his style, approach, knowledge, and humor. They see a lot of their vendors attempt training, and rank Bruce right up there at the top!
– Principal Consulting Engineer, Massachusetts

It was pleasure meeting you and thank you very much for an excellent class. It was very informative, well organized and provided me with valuable knowledge and know-how.
– Mechanical Engineer, CA

“Overall, the course was great. The product performed perfectly and Bruce’s knowledge of said product was stellar. He answered every question that was asked and he knew what he was doing with the software.”
– Team Integrated Engineering


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