Efficient Construction Project Delivery

Efficient Construction Project Delivery

Better manage your numerous repair, renovation, sustainability, and minor new construction projects

Featuring a “Real World Case Study on JOC Implementation” … Complete with Goals, Issues, and Results.


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Join 4Clicks Solutions for a presentation highlighting collaborative construction project delivery methods such as JOC – Job Order Contracting and IPD – Integrated Project Delivery and supporting technologies that are beginning to enable greater productivity throughout the AECOO community.


“The only truly effective way of delivering great buildings that delight end users, on time and to budget, is to achieve excellence at both a business and project level through collaboration”.
  • JOC Case Study – A “real world” dive into addressing the numerous repair, renovation, sustainability, and minor new construction project
  • JOC Technology demonstration
Key Characteristics of Efficient Collaborative Delivery Methods
  • Qualifications Based or Best Value Selection
  • Some form of pricing transparency
  • Early collaboration between project stakeholders
  • Some form of financial incentive to drive performance
  • Appropriate distribution of risk
Who Should Attend
Owners, Contractors, AEs who wish to implement and/or get involve in a JOC/IDIQ/SABER project, or improve productivity and transparency on existing contracts.


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