Contractor Client Success Stories

But Don’t Take Our Word for It…

“Info just for you; My Government Project Manager and I are getting so close on estimate $$$ amounts that we didn’t even have to negotiate a $350,000.00 Sidewalk Project. 2 other similar sidewalk projects had only 4 or 5 line item variations. We banged out over a million $$$ worth of sidewalk projects in a week. That makes our jobs a fun thing to do, even when we are under pressure to get the numbers crunched quickly. Thanks to e4Clicks!”


“After using 4Clicks for four years we find that the ease of putting a proposal together is great. The search function gets us to where we want in the RSMeans data base fast and the support we receive from 4Clicks staff is fast and very helpful. … We are extremely satisfied with the 4Clicks software as we are not computer wizards, 4Clicks is easy to use. After doing this for 50 years, that’s important!”

Project Manager, Keplin-Gracon JV
“e4Clicks is fast. Quick does not adequately describe how rapidly a complete estimate can be compiled that is both accurate in scope and very informative to our clients of our intentions. Without e4Clicks, we could not support the work load per person that we currently achieve.”

Program Manager AF IDIQ, DWG and Associates, Inc.
“Since 2004 our (we have) estimated more than 1,600 projects using e4Clicks software. The embedded integration with RSMeans cost data allows our estimators to build quick estimates without sacrificing precision or consistency. In many cases, the time required to complete the estimating process is cut in half due to the ability to copy and paste items from previous projects within the software. With such a large database of estimates it is vital that the information for each project is organized and readily accessible to our staff. The powerful document management feature of e4Clicks software provides our entire staff fast access to vital project information. Using custom templates we generate project documents such as Statements of Work, Purchase Orders, or Requests for Information within the software and every document related to a project is automatically stored in a central location that can be quickly accessed with a few clicks of the mouse. Since initial inception, e4Clicks software has significantly reduced our estimating costs by streamlining the entire process from initial job walk to project completion and has no doubt been well worth the investment.”

Vice President, GEI Palmer Electric