Axim Fringe Solutions Group, LLC

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About Axim Fringe Solutions Group, LLC

AximFSG teams with clients as a no cost subcontractor, not a vendor. We integrate our expertise in federal contracting, benefits administration and DoL compliance to provide clients with a business model that is proven to reduce contract overhead and G&A to increase profitability.

Our cost advantages start with providing more cost effective benefit structures, having all H&W funds and fees spent be eligible for dollar for dollar small business set aside credits (when applicable) and relieving the internal burden and liability of managing DoL (and ACA) compliance and fringe dollar accounting internally.

And when our clients are the prime on a project, we will also be sure their subs are in line with DoL compliance so they are not liable for their violations. If there is a DoL audit, AximFSG is the only subcontractor that will also assume full fiduciary liability on behalf of our clients.

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