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What constitutes a good business relationship or partnership these days?

It is impossible to avoid the news today. It comes in a torrent, one wave after another. The irresponsible activities of financial institutions put credible hard working, well intentioned businesses at risk. You can’t help but be angered and betrayed by these supposed business partners. Changes in direction and cut backs continue to separate financial institutions further from their customers. Constant turnover means you are speaking to someone new each time you call in…

In these times, companies are looking for stability; a finance company with “real” money to lend to small and medium sized businesses. Since 1988, Balboa Capital’s mission has been to build solid partnerships and provide convenient equipment financing to businesses through out the country. Our “One Source, One Contact, One Solution” approach ensures you will be speaking to the same account executive from the time we quote you to the time we finalize your equipment lease or loan. Our game changing technology provides and fuels the financing process and provides real time access, updates and reporting whether you are a lessee or an equipment vendor or reseller.

Our Go Green initiative is not only efficient, but gives you instant access to the information you need. These types of tools along with our personalized service and responsiveness fuel our convenience financing platform. You have a business to run. Time is at a minimum. If you are tired of the hassle and you want to work with a company who cares about you and the success of your business, consider Balboa Capital.

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Nate A. Wassil | Sales Manager
Balboa Capital Corporation

Phone: 949.553.3444
Fax: 949.399.3144
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