Amy Rader

Technical Support Manager


I met Amy through Jeff Slarve. Amy has worked with me since 1998 while I was at Beneco. Amy has watched our software develop from DOS to windows, from single user to network. Amy manages our customer and technical support and is very customer service oriented. She enjoys the people who work in the world of estimating, describing them in her own words as “a really great group of people… friendly, flexible and wonderful at giving constructive feedback, suggestions and wishes.”

We have always believed strongly in customer service and of providing a live voice for technical support. Amy has run Technical Support since the company’s launch. Our clients continually praise her for her help and insight. Amy also plays a major role in determining our clients’ needs and proposing program enhancements, while also applying her expertise to write and manage our incredibly extensive Help files.

More from Amy:

Our support at 4Clicks lends itself to getting to know people a little bit. Some of our customers become like old friends and I enjoy that. Once they feel comfortable with us in return, we often get feedback on features they would like to see. I enjoy when we can fulfill a ‘wish list’ item for a customer.

My favorite features of 4Clicks: In the past year, we added some report options that were valuable to the customer and so they are valuable to me. Users can rename the “Alternates” section on their reports (for custom line items) and even line up all line items (custom or standard/priced) under one heading.

The most enjoyable part of my job, for me, is being able to do documentation. I enjoy working with words so documentation suits me. I also enjoy doing the installation builds for new customers (and updates for existing customers).

Outside of work, I value time to myself, including things that allow me to spend time with my family, whether we’re having fun together or just doing chores together. By the way, I am a first-generation Californian for my family!

My favorite quote, saying, mantra or words to live by?
“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

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