Michael Brown

Founder and President


I date back to 1981 as a plumber in the United States Air Force. Literally starting in the trenches, and getting my feet wet, I was introduced to cost estimating and project management. My first duty assignment was the United States Air Force Academy. Here, I started to learn my plumbing trade. I worked in planning, developing cost estimates with various shops, ordering material and tracking labor hours. Then working with the SMART team, I was introduced to all types of maintenance, repair, and new construction. Great times, wonderful opportunities and a lot of experience and knowledge.  I spent a year in the KUN at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea, working in the plumbing shop, planning, and then the self-help store. I was proud to be a Red Devil and learned what war games were all about!

In 1989, I moved to Luke Air Force Base and wanted to try something new. So, I asked if I could be in SABER, it was brand new to the Air Force and looked like an exciting job. There I realized I had a knack for estimating, as well as bad handwriting, so I created my first estimating software program called JOC-EZ. It was among the first Air Force SABER estimating software of its kind. My thanks to Colonel Descheneaux and Lt Kobashigawa for their trust, confidence and allowing me to work in SABER.

1990 I decided to leave the Air Force and to work for a contractor. Giving me a chance to see the other side of SABER. Started as a Project Engineer, then Project Manager, Director of Estimating and then Director of Information Services.  Working with amazing people, in 10 years I saw a small 8(a) contractor company grow from 3 contracts a year to 30+ in a few short years. During this time, I developed a cost estimating program called iqEstimator. Initially, creating my own software was my solution to handwritten estimates but with the increased contract volume we experienced, it didn’t take long to realize that we could do more work, in less time, and with greater accuracy than any manual method.

In 2001, my hands-on experience with being an estimator and creating estimating software shaped the foundation of 4Clicks Solutions. I’ve been blessed to be a part of this industry; I enjoy meeting the people who make up our business. Many are still clients, and I have made some great friendships along the way.

More from Michael:

There are so many things I love about working with our customers. One of my favorites is seeing a client being awarded a new contract, growing their company or telling me they had a great end of the year rush.  The best thing about our software: first, it’s our customer support, the best in the business. Second, is the team behind the software that has estimated for years.  We listen to suggestions, submit a new feature to our development team, test it to make sure it’s right and get it out in a future build to our awesome vendors and partners.

It might sound crazy enough, but I enjoy my fallout time, which is the annual book building.  We work hard to present the data in the best format possible and get it out as soon as we can each year.
We’ve been in your shoes, from paper and pencil to today, starting in the business, creating budget estimates, negotiating with contractors and owners. We started 4Clicks to add value to our clients, giving our users tools to enhance and grow their business. Our employees love what they are doing and enjoy working with users to make sure they are getting the best value from our team. Our future is brighter than ever before.

When I am not working, I love giving to charities; nothing touches the heart or soul more! I enjoy supporting my Dallas Cowboys, in the good and bad days. I also love traveling to new places with my wife, and returning to ones we never get enough of. My Mom and Dad are from New York City. I have family in Colorado and Texas. I traveled early as an Air Force brat, so it’s in my blood.  I have been blessed to travel to most of our client locations, all 50 states and dozens of countries!

Interesting tid-bits: I am not a fan of eggs, liver, seafood or milk. My greatest fear is losing the ones I love the most.  I try to make the most out of the time I have with them. I once had a newspaper route of 300 subscribers as a teen. In a previous career, I cooked thousands of steaks! Maybe one for you?

My goal is to be the best I can be to all that I serve: God, family, friends and business.

My favorite quote, saying, mantra or words to live by?
“Tomorrow is never promised, yesterdays are gone. Live life to the fullest! “
“Lessen the woulda, shoulda, coulda moments in life.”

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