Tom Cassidy

Chief Operations Officer


I met Tom in 2003 while working with the Peterson AFB SABER Team. Tom is a licensed professional engineer with 10+ years of design, estimating, and project management experience at Peterson AFB.

As a key part of the 4Clicks Team, Tom uses his experience to develop and manage our training programs and plays a key role learning what new software features our clients require, as well as supporting our HR, help desk and back office teams.

Tom joined 4Clicks in 2007. The years Tom has been with 4Clicks have provided me with one of my closest friends and one of the hardest working people I know in the business, and yes he’s all about our business and working for you. I appreciate you Tom Cassidy! The impossible becomes possible with people like you.

More from Tom:

I’m lucky enough to get to spend some time with clients training them on the software. Our customers are truly phenomenal people, and it’s been a joy to get to know them face to face. One thing that’s really awesome, is being there when someone who has maybe been a little frustrated in the program finally gets it – when they see all that e4Clicks does for them, and they feel comfortable using it. They are blown away with the capabilities and grateful for the software’s ability to make their jobs more efficient.

One of my favorite features is (Batch Modify) and is a favorite amongst many of our customers. Another is the (Help). Amy has spent an unknown number of hours building a window by window, field by field interactive Help tool that can walk any customer through any feature or function to whatever level they desire. It is the most comprehensive Help feature I have ever seen. And if that somehow fails, Amy and Sharon are a call or email away. The feedback we get about them is exceptional!

Outside of 4Clicks, my treasures consist of my family and friends, and I truly believe there is greatness in everyone. It hurts me to see so many people hurting, and I hope to overcome fear enough to have a lasting impact on as many people as possible. As a board member for God’s Mighty Men (GMM) in Cheyenne, I help promote unity within our community. Despite serious introvert issues, I started a Facebook page to share some positive encouragement to any who desire it.

I am the oldest of 6 kids, and they are all awesome!! But 3 of us are more blessed than the others; we have red hair – including Katie, our Director of Finance.

My favorite quote, saying, mantra or words to live by?
I offer people love, freedom, hope, and life, and I help reveal the greatness already existing within them.

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