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How Our 4-in-1 Integrated Toolset Improves Your Collaboration and Communication
We’ve all heard and probably used the phrase “communicate, communicate, communicate.” In construction, many struggle on how to deliver it with accuracy, and time is wasted trying to work around existing systems. Let’s face it, paper and spreadsheets are not efficient at managing multiple updates and revisions, collaborating with team members, or tracking projects.

There is a solution. With e4Clicks Project Estimator, our 4-in-1 integrated technology provides all the tools you need in a single software program:

  1. A proven construction delivery process using Job Ordering Contracting (JOC/SABER).
  2. The most powerful integration of JOC/SABER with cost data.
  3. The most comprehensive Document Management Solution.
  4. The best electronic visualization/QTO tool – eTakeOff Plan Viewer.

Whether you’re an Owner, Contractor, or Architect/Engineer, e4Clicks lets you create, visualize, and share information that’s standardized, accurate, and reusable with your internal and external project partners using a shared software program.

e4Clicks is your Document Management Solution because you can manage multiple projects including JOC, SABER, IDIQ, MATOC, SATOC, MACC, 8(a), BOA, POCA, and IFB in a single program. There are no e-mail files lost or overlooked, no paper trails buried in file cabinets, and no more randomly dated spreadsheets floating around. Instead, your entire team has their e-files, e-mails, attachments, and project documents organized and standardized in a single program. With e4Clicks you can create template documents and automatically incorporate up-to-date project information. Work together on the same projects within a common database, share/reuse estimates, import/export, and take full advantage of clipboard, notes, and takeoff fields, and more.

eTakeoff Plan Viewer is a complementary technology, integrated with e4clicks. Here’s how it works with you to give your entire team the ability to track project status and progress:

  • Automatically create and track complex Quantity Takeoff (QTO) information while you simply trace around drawings.
  • View plans with zoom and scroll functions, and switch between drawings instantly while you quickly measure counts, lengths, and quantities.
  • Display a variety of colors and patterns to identify the type of construction and/or materials used.
  • Total or combine measurements from multiple plan sheets and transfer the information to e4Clicks quickly.
  • Send and share takeoff files easily.
  • Automatically compare updated drawings to find differences between existing and new.

Our 4-in-1 integrated technology offers the most comprehensive integration of JOC, Cost Data, eTakeoff Plan Viewer, and Document Management found in the industry. The result is a single software program that delivers measureable results through an improved collaborative and communication process – saving you time and money. That’s the 4Clicks difference.

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