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Being a Reseller of RSMeans data from Gordian®
Whoever coined the phrase ‘bidding war’ understood the battle ground that bidders, project managers, and owners navigate. But price alone is only half the story. Pricing, low or high, can be supported with the use of line item descriptions and costs from a valid reference cost database that helps tell the whole story.

The best strategy is to gain control with an accurate cost database. Our e4Clicks Project Estimator program is the proven software technology that delivers just that. How do we do it?

It begins with the cost database. We are a reseller of RSMeans data from Gordian®, the industry leader in accurate cost data. This means we offer the full power of their data so you so you can be a cost estimator, not a cost engineer. As a result, no one else in the industry can provide the ease of use you’ll find with e4Clicks.

It’s so easy to use you’ll never need to thumb through a cost book because all the information is just a few clicks away. Locate and use line item descriptions, images, and references quickly. New line items are highlighted for your reference.

Need to localize your cost data? Or, reuse cost estimates for multiple locations? This is easily done with e4Clicks’ integration of the RSMeans data from Gordian® City Cost Index (CCI) applied to cost information. Within e4Clicks you can apply local cost factors directly to materials, labor, and equipment or to totals.

Are you looking to incorporate more sustainability and green practices to your projects? Our cost database includes over 8,000 environmentally responsible line items.

You also have access to their reference cost database, which means that associated standards such as Uniformat II and MasterFormat04 assure that you can compare and create ‘apples-to-apples’ construction cost data.

When you use our e4Clicks Project Estimator software technology you gain full access to the powerful advantages our relationship with RSMeans data from Gordian® provides. That’s the 4Clicks difference.

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