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Go Beyond Traditional Cost Estimating with e4Clicks & Job Order Contracting

JOC is a proven, collaborative construction delivery method that can provide multiple benefits to Owners, AEs, Contractors, Subcontractors, and Facility Users. More and more Owners are deploying Job Order Contracting (JOC) as to get more renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction projects done on-time and on-budget. Contractors develop better long term relationships with Owners and get a more predictable revenue stream.

Our e4Clicks Project Estimator Software integrates JOC “best practices” with technology to allow for faster JOC program development, implementation, monitoring, and continuous improvement.

JOC for Owners – Project Estimators allows Owners to develop project scopes, create and compare accurate cost estimates and bids, compare and select contractors, vendors, and/or suppliers, and monitor and reward performance. e4Clicks and JOC encourage the use of local resources, and the development of long term relationships.

JOC for Contractors and AEs – e4Clicks and JOC allow Contractors and AEs to better understand Owner requirements and bid on an ‘apples-to-apples’ basis, and develop longer term, collaborative relationships. Also, efficiently close-out any project – on budget and on time – with greater accuracy. Read our White Paper.

4Clicks delivers the tools and support you need for your JOC estimating and project management endeavors. Our success is based on hundreds of government owners and contractors successfully executing their work. There are many challenges and pressure in doing this: time, resources, budgets, experience. Clearly there are many things to impact the execution and success. We are a veteran owned small business that specializes in solutions for contracts like this. e4Clicks Project Estimating software empowers your team to work faster, easier and smarter. Anyone can say this, however we have spent the last 15 years doing this! Our difference is in our team, just like yours. We are comprised of estimators, engineers and project managers who have worked on both sides. We have been involved in hundreds of contracts, worth billions of dollars. We understand what happens when it gets busy. We have been there in the month of September, when there are 60 new job walks, the clock ticking away with only a few weeks to estimate and negotiate or lose the funding.

Save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency because you can have the power to sort, filter, modify, and run reports on any or all estimates and projects logically and easily.

e4Clicks Project Estimator offers the most comprehensive integration of JOC best practices found in the industry. The result is a single software program you can use to manage and maximize the efficiency of your construction projects. That’s the 4Clicks difference.

Our Job Order Contracting Services

Software training is performed on-site and tailored to client requirements. Hands-on computer training is highly recommended. A printed training manual is provided for each student. Class size is limited to assure effectiveness. Introductory and advanced classes are available and designed for students who have knowledge of computers and cost estimating.

  • Unit Price Books (UPB) – We can implement a localized industry leading UPB, a custom UPB, or IDIQ cost book, or a combination.
  • Line Item Development – We can develop additional custom line items for your vertical or horizontal infrastructure to account for unique requirements.
  • Specifications – Specifications can be associated to estimates and printed in summary or detail formats. Customized specification development is available.

JOC/SABER Technical Support and Maintenance
Software support is provided via telephone and email for the Owners and their JOC/SABER contractor(s). Owner UPB support may include adding additional line items on a predetermined basis and/or updating the UPB on a scheduled basis.

Job Order Contracting (JOC) and SABER are proven to deliver high quality construction on-time and on-budget, establish long-term collaborative relationships with contractors, and reduce overall project delivery costs. Use of JOC and SABER programs continues to accelerate in DOD and non-DOD Government, Education, State/County/Local Government, Transportation, and Healthcare Sectors for renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects.

Serving thousands of Contractors and Owners, 4Clicks Solutions delivers premier cost estimating and integrated project delivery software solutions for JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA, and more!

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