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The value of deploying efficient construction delivery methods can’t be understated. Construction delivery methods play a major role in setting the overall tone of any project and establishing the relationships of all participants. Low productivity, excessive change orders, and legal disputes are a legacy associated with traditional construction methods such as design-bid-build. Fortunately, archaic and antagonistic methods are rapidly giving way to more efficient, collaborative methods such a Integrated Project Delivery – IPD, and Job Order Contracting – JOC. Having a proven win-win-win process in place before any project begins is valuable to everyone; Owners, AEs, Contractors, Oversight Groups, and Facility Users. Implementing a proven business process to your construction projects can improve accuracy, save money, and keep projects on track.

JOC Process Example

Does your current software program manage and maximize your construction process? At 4Clicks, we integrate proven construction delivery methods with easy to use, yet powerful software – e4Clicks Project Estimator. In factor, 4Clicks users can create and manage multiple estimates and projects within a single program including JOC, SABER, IDIQ, MATOC, SATOC, MACC, 8(a), BOA, POCA, IFB, and more! Our technology solutions help Owners, Contractors, and Architect/Engineer Firms better define project scopes, more accurately estimate, and more efficiently bid, contract, and manage renovation, repair, sustainability, and new construction work.

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