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RSMeans™ Cost Books

RSMeans™ has been the trusted name in construction costs for more than 71 years.  4Clicks offers all RSMeans™ Cost Book Titles for sale. All books are 20% off list price and have free shipping anywhere in the U.S.! Outside the U.S. contiguous states, please call 719-574-7721 for a quote to include shipping!

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2017 Cost Titles

Assemblies Cost Data 2017

RSMeans™ Assemblies Cost Data

Your Price – $307.99

This indispensable tool provides you with thousands of building assembly and component costs. With the accompanying reference data, you can quickly estimate a building’s square foot cost and easily compare and price alternatives.



RSMeans™ Building Construction Cost Data

Your Price – $198.39

Get the confidence and know-how you need to deliver more accurate cost estimates and improve profitability. This edition of this bestselling cost guide has been updated and expanded to provide you with the information you need.



RSMeans™ Commercial Renovation Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Create accurate repair and remodeling estimates, anywhere in the country, for both simple and complex projects. Includes renovation-specific tasks and materials you won’t find priced anywhere else.



RSMeans™ Concrete & Masonry Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Concrete & Masonry Cost Data contains the latest unit price data, with illustrated concrete and masonry assemblies cost tables, helpful reference data and estimating aids. This is your guide to fast, accurate concrete and masonry estimating.



RSMeans™ Electrical Change Order Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

This well-organized reference provides more than 20,000 unit cost entries for use in estimating change orders. It’s complete and current, with newly updated pricing for both pre- and post-installation change order situations.



RSMeans™ Electrical Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

This well organized, up-to-date reference provides comprehensive cost guidance with over 12,000 unit cost entries — from high voltage transmission lines to residential wiring.



RSMeans™ Facilities Construction Cost Data

Your Price – $571.99

Facilities Construction Cost Data is devoted specifically to the needs of professionals responsible for the maintenance, construction and renovation of commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional properties.



RSMeans™ Facilities Maintenance & Repair Cost Data

Your Price – $571.99

The first-ever publication to address the cost of all aspects of maintaining your facility: maintenance and repair, preventive maintenance, general maintenance, and complete details about the cost and repair frequencies of thousands of work items.



RSMeans™ Green Building Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

This popular 6th edition is designed to help construction professionals estimate, plan and budget the costs of green construction—both new commercial construction and renovation work.



RSMeans™ Heavy Construction Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Access costs for all types of heavy construction from highways, bridges, utilities, rails and marine projects, to sanitary and storm sewer projects.



RSMeans™ Interior Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

This data includes over 14,000 unit costs, including productivity data, for new facilities, upgrades, renovation projects, even downsizing — projects of any size, scope or location in the country.



RSMeans™ Labor Rates for the Construction Industry

Your Price – $439.99

Labor Rates for the Construction Industry provides a quick, convenient way to obtain current union wage rates for every major metropolitan area in the United States and Canada.



RSMeans™ Light Commercial Cost Data

Your Price – $175.99

Costs for every aspect of light commercial construction pricing for a variety of building types.  This book enables you to see all major costs for light commercial work.



RSMeans™ Mechanical Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

The new RSMeans™ Mechanical Cost Data book enables you to handle every kind of mechanical estimating problem.  Take advantage of this amazing book!



RSMeans™ Open Shop Building Construction Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Ready to take control of your next project and ensure you’ll turn a profit?  This expert reference guide gives you materials, equipment, and labor costs to develop reliable cost estimates for even the most complex mechanical construction projects.



RSMeans™ Plumbing Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Updated cost data for reliable plumbing budgets, estimates, and cost comparisons. Prepare schedules and get pricing using this comprehensive resource for plumbing and fire protection construction.



RSMeans™ Residential Cost Data

Your Price – $175.99

RSMeans Residential Cost Data is completely updated and organizes every aspect of residential construction pricing into 4 major estimating sections.



RSMeans™ Site Work & Landscape Cost Data

Your Price – $193.59

Plan, budget, and estimate site work construction with 100% confidence. Includes unit and assemblies cost tables for sewerage, piped utilities, site improvements, handicapped access ramps, drainage, paving, street openings, site work and landscape construction of all types.



RSMeans™ Square Foot Costs

Your Price – $263.99

RSMeans™ Square Foot Costs is useful for anyone who needs rapid budget cost estimates in the office, with a client, or in the field. Architects, design-build contractors, real estate developers, corporate planners, appraisers, and assessors will find the book to be a valuable tool.


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