Contractors, Owners, Architects, Engineers, Facilities Managers, Oversight Groups, and Building Users alike consider RSMeans™ Cost Data to be the authoritative source of facility construction, renovation, and repair cost information. RSMeans™, providing its clients with the most detailed, trusted construction cost data for more than 69 years, is recognized as the North American standard.

Since 1942, RSMeans™ has been actively engaged in construction cost publishing and cost estimating services throughout the United States, and today, their primary objective remains the same: To provide you, the construction and facilities professional, with the most current and comprehensive construction cost data possible. That’s why more than 40,000 construction professionals turn to RSMeans™ and its validated cost research methodology to engage in trillions of dollars of construction, operations, and maintenance related activities.

Dynamic vs. Static Cost Information
RSMeans™ continually polls the construction marketplace for ever changing material, labor, and equipment costs. Add to this, researching new building methodologies, building productivity rates, and local market conditions—and you have the recipe for the most trusted and reliable construction cost information. All building construction, renovation, and repair data is researched and updated annually, while the RSMeans™ City Cost Indexes (CCIs) are distributed quarterly. This dynamic vs. static construction cost information helps you assure that your cost data reflects recent equipment, material, and labor trends on a localized basis.

4Clicks and RSMeans™
4Clicks is now the largest reseller of RSMeans™ electronic cost data and has been a reseller for 15 years.

Industry thought-leadership is a role of that both RSMeans™ and 4Clicks take seriously. It is centered upon proven expertise and ability to deliver comprehensive solutions. Our integrated, total solutions approach spans the creation of standard and custom unit price books (UPBs); leading software for cost estimating, project management, document management, detailed line item cost data including full descriptions, graphics/pictures, and specifications; and professional training and support for software/program implementation, and continuous monitoring as required.

Products and Services – RSMeans™ Books

  • Printed RSMeans Cost Books
  • Electronic RSMeans Cost Books
    • Line items broken down by quantities which take into account material cost, labor rate, and equipment rental rates.
    • Multiple factors such as city cost indexes, productivity rates, crew composition, contractor’s overhead and profit rates
  • City Cost Index (CCI) – RSMeans’ City Cost Index (CCI) is based on an average of 30 major American cities, and further detail is available at a zip code level for over 900 locations, with indices for materials, labor, and equipment, as well as composite indices. Use of the RSMeans™ CCI has been validated via third party research as a method for adjusting construction cost estimates by project location.
  • Client-specific, custom unit price books (UPBs)
    • Local market construction assessment including overheads, profit, and restrictive union practices.
    • Customized material prices and equipment costs based on local market conditions.
    • Client-specific construction tasks for inclusion in the UPB based on review of Client standards and specifications.
    • Cost verification of the Client construction tasks using RSMeans™ senior cost engineering team for quality assurance and completeness.
    • Compliance with Masterformat 2010, the Construction Specifications Institutes (CSI) most recently issued format.
  • Locate and use line items, images, and references quickly.
  • Green iconChoose from over 8,000 environmentally responsible green line items
  • Star iconNew line items are highlighted for your reference
  • “R” iconDisplays the quick look to the electronic reference.
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Get started today utilizing the best cost databases in the industry, and be a cost estimator not a costing engineer.

RSMeans™ Cost Data Research Methodology
RSMeans™ conducts primary research on over 120,000 unique unit prices commonly used on horizontal and vertical construction and maintenance. The primary research is conducted in over 50 major metropolitan areas with supplemental research to index local costs to over 900+ zip codes.

Each task contains a task description, unit of measure, and unit price. RSMeans™ differentiates itself from the competition by making more detail available for each construction task— including the material price, labor cost, equipment rate, crew and productivity rate of installation. Each unit price is developed taking into account local material pricing, prevailing wage rates and market conditions.

RSMeans™ cost research methodologies are considered the industry standard for accuracy and completeness of the cost data, using its extensive network of contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and specialty estimators.