Electronic Estimating, QTO & eTakeoff

Estimating and pre-bid processes without paper plans!

Quickly and accurately visualize requirements and trace electronic drawings to determine quantities for line items in your estimates with eTakeoff.

  • Estimating and pre-bid processes without paper plans.
  • Automatically create and track complex, quantity takeoff information while you simply trace around drawings!
  • View the plans with powerful zooming and scrolling capabilities.
  • Switch between drawings instantaneously, while quickly measuring counts, lengths and quantities.
  • Measurements can be displayed in an infinite variety of colors and patterns to identify the type of construction or the materials used
  • Measurements from multiple plan sheets can be easily totaled or combined in calculations.
  • Quantities can be quickly transferred to e4Clicks.

Take construction estimating, project management, and visualization to the next level with e4Clicks and eTakeoff™!