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Job Order Contracting / JOC, SABER, and IDIQ Services

Software training is performed on-site and tailored to client requirements.  Hands-on computer training is highly recommended.  A printed training manual is provided for each student. Class size is limited to assure effectiveness.  Introductory and advanced classes are available and designed for students who have knowledge of computers and cost estimating.

Cost Data

  • Unit Price Books (UPB) – We can implement a localized industry leading UPB,  a custom UPB, a IDIQ cost book, or any combination.
  • Line Item Development – We can develop additional custom line items for your vertical or horizontal infrastructure to account for unique requirements.
  • Specifications – Specifications can be associated to estimates and printed in summary or detail formats.  Customized specification development is available.

JOC/SABER Technical Support and Maintenance
Software support is provided via telephone and email for the Owners and their JOC/SABER contractor(s).   Owner UPB support may include adding additional line items on a predetermined basis and/or updating the UPB on a scheduled basis.

Job Order Contracting (JOC) and SABER are proven to deliver high quality construction on-time and on-budget, establish long-term collaborative relationships with contractors, and reduce overall project delivery costs.   Use of JOC and SABER programs continues to accelerate in DOD and non-DOD Government, Education, State/County/Local Government, Transportation, and Healthcare Sectors for renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects.

Serving thousands of Contractors and Owners, 4Clicks Solutions delivers premier cost estimating and integrated project delivery software solutions for JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, BOA, and more!