10th Anniversary

Celebrate with us!

Thank You Clients and Partners!

Wow! 10 years, it’s more than a dream come true Looking back, nothing brings me greater joy than the strong relationships we have with our clients and partners!

Thank you all for a chance to earn your business. Thank you for your support and feedback. You’re the ones that challenge our team to create better software, develop better training and create the tools and services your teams need to grow your business and get your job done.

Over 29 years ago my cost estimating and project management career began in the trenches as an Airman at the United States Air Force. My first duty assignment was the United States Air Force Academy, were I learned about plumbing, backflow preventers, gas distribution, fire protection, worked in Planning, and the SMART team.

From there, I also spent some time at Kunsan AB, Republic of Korea, and Luke Air Force Base where I worked in SABER and created one of the first Air Force SABER estimating software programs of its kind.

Transitioning to the private sector, I worked as a Project Engineer, Project Manager, Director of Estimating, and ultimately Director of Information Services for a contractor. We grew from a small 8(a) company with 3 contracts to one with over 30 nationwide.

While creating software was my solution to bad handwritten estimates, it didn’t take long to realize that everyone could do more work, in less time, and with greater accuracy. Thus in 2001, 4Clicks was formed and the journey began.

Thanks also to Jeff, Amy, Amanda, Tom, Josh, Chelsi, Peter, Bruce, Bill, Dave and John for all you do for the best clients in the business.

We want you to join in the celebration, so check out our interactive timeline and come be a part of our next 10 years!