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Wednesday, September 02, 2015
4Clicks Solutions, LLC announces The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently selected e4Clicks Project Estimator and 4Clicks Training to support its new Eastern Service Area Job Order Contracting program. All major airports up and down the eastern United States and territories from Maine to the U.S. Virgin Islands are included.

“4Clicks software and training was selected as it was determined via market research to best support the purpose of a Job Order Contract,” commented FAA Contracting personnel.

“The purpose of a Job Order Contract is to create a lasting relationship with one contractor where pricing is predictable and fair and reasonable; the Contractor gains efficiencies through repeated work and familiarity with our facilities; and the Owner gets expedited construction services and an assurance of continued high performance.” (Source: FAA Job Order Contract (JOC) IDIQ for the Eastern Service Area Post Award Presentation).

A component of the FAA’s major and ongoing commitment to renovate, repair and maintain all airports, Job Order Contracts with five year durations were awarded across multiple FAA geographic regions. The maximum value per JOC is $5,000,000 with individual JOC task orders limited to $500,000. e4Clicks Project Estimator Software will be used by FAA personnel and awarded contractors to enable low cost deployment of JOC workflows and to monitor program operations.

“We are honored to work with the FAA, in support of standing up their very 1st Eastern Service area JOC contract and we are thrilled to provide our top notch software, support and training,” said Michael Brown, CEO of 4Clicks Solutions.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015
4Clicks has been issued a Patent by the United States Patent Office for Storing Application Data (3528-P10980US). We have been striving hard for the past five (5) years to develop truly unique cloud computing applications to assist our clients reach the next levels of productivity, collaboration, and transparency. Ceasel, or cloud cost estimating system embeds the capabilities of this Patent and several other unique features. Technical details, aside, here’s a brief summary of the Patent in layman’s terms:

Historically hard drives were expensive, as was information management and data storage in general. As a result, old data was generally permanently deleted or, in some cases, archived on tape, optical disk, or some other less accessible, long term storage media.

As we all know, archiving information is different from processing information and having historical information available real-time. The ability to see information from virtually any point in time, including all subsequent changes (who changed what, when, and how) is extremely powerful and valuable. This is what our new Patent is all about. It enables the storage of all versions of all previous and current records, and enables virtually instantaneous retrieval and use. The ability to “roll forward and backward in time” adds a new level of capability for security, change management, and a leap in productivity!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014
4Clicks Solutions, a leading provider of enterprise class software and services announces the beta release of Ceasel. Ceasel is a highly advanced, multi-user, collaborative cloud cost estimating platform designed from “the ground up”.

Based upon Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, Ceasel combines the latest cloud computing technology with superior ease-of-use to enable users to cost-effectively, easily, rapidly, and securely shape and share information and consistently deploy best practice business processes. “We’ve listened to our customers. Ceasel provides the best in cost estimating, and sharing of information. Ceasel delivers the look and feel of a desktop computer in your web browser. No more VCR controls, waiting to load pages and the frustrations of a slow web application.” – Michael Brown, Founder and President, 4Clicks Solutions, LLC.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
4Clicks Wins Army Corps Contract for Job Order Contract Unit Price Book (UPB), Technical Specifications, and Software – “This is a major milestone for 4Clicks, USACE, and Contractors, and we are very grateful to have been selected for this opportunity. Each of six (6) Army installations will be supplied with detailed construction labor, material, and equipment line item costs; researched and produced for their individual location. The ability to leverage localized Davis-Bacon wage rates and associated technical specifications benefits all parties. The USACE and Contractors performing the work are assured that projects are based upon cost estimates and associated information specific to their locality, resulting in greater overall accuracy and efficiency. Combining the localized cost data and technical specification within our e4Clicks Project Estimator software adds a whole new dimension the higher level of detail and accuracy of JOC project cost estimates, and enables significant productivity gains, greater transparency, and better overall communication.” – Michael Brown, Founder and President, 4Clicks Solutions, LLC.

Case Studies

USACE – Job Order Contracting (Custom JOC UPB, Technical Specifications, and Software) #203
The USACE, Fort Worth District, had a need for individual custom unit price books, associated technical specifications, and software for each of six separate Army installations: Corpus Christi, Fort Bliss, Fort Hood, Fort Sam Houston, Fort Polk, and White Sands Missile Range. Each site required individually researched and produced construction labor, material, and equipment line item costs. Detailed unit line items costs and technical specifications had to be provided within a software platform that would enable rapid deployment, transparency, ease-of-use, and the ability for cost data to be easily updated on an annual basis.
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Environmental Engineering Firm – Onsite Training #202
As a valued contractor serving the Air Force, it was important for the engineering firm to become proficient with RSMeans-based line item cost estimating to assure higher estimate detail, greater accuracy, track project milestones from concept thru warranty, and to be in overall contract compliance.
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USACE – Job Order Contracting (JOC) #201
The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) was approached to establish a Job Order Contracting (JOC) program to assist in construction projects associated with ongoing Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM) work. USACE awarded a JOC to an 8(a) Contractor and procured e4Clicks Project Estimator™ software, associated training, and support services from 4Clicks Solutions, LLC.
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BIM for FM

The value of BIM – Building Information Modeling – is the efficient life-cycle management of the built environment vs. 3D visualization, clash detection, and other important, however, non-core aspects.

Blue Paper: Change on the Horizon
BIM for FM, and the adoption of an associated Building Information Management Framework – BIMF, will drive productivity gains within the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. Learn how and what you can do take advantage of this framework.
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JOC Blue Paper

What is JOC – Job Order Contraction – and SABER (United State Air Force Implementation of JOC) and its importance to efficient facility repair, renovation, repair, sustainability and minor new construction projects. Are you aware that JOC is form of Integrated Project Delivery – IPD, and also an IDIQ?
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Job Order Contracting 101 – A Facility Management Tool

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