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We’re all being asked to do more with less.  As Owners, Contractors, and AEs, we are all being asked to scope, estimate, manage and complete more renovation, repair, maintenance and construction projects on-time and on-budget with fewer resources!

RSMeans is the leading source of construction cost data for Federal/Public Sector JOC, SABER, IDIQ, MACC, MATOC, SATOC, and BOS contracts.  For a rapidly growing number of Government and Private sector professionals, however, working out of spreadsheets and RSMeans hardcopy books, or online digital cost books is no longer a viable option.

When you work in spreadsheets, online cost books, or generic software, how can you manage multiple Contracts, Projects, co-efficients, and cost localization factors? 

In this webcast you will gain insight into best-practice approaches for rapidly creating more detailed cost estimates, updating and reusing information, and establishing higher levels of collaboration.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to set up your multiple contracts, projects, and co-efficient in one software application
  • Methods for speeding up owner/contractor negotiations
  • How to automatically populate government forms
  • Approaches for creating better reports
  • How to employ repeatable processes for bidding, procuring, or budgeting renovation, repair, and maintenance construction projects
  • Why 85%+ of USAF bases, USACE, Joint Bases, and others such as the DOE, FAA, NIST, and other leading organizations are adopting collaborative approaches and technology for construction cost estimating and project management.



Webinar is FREE, but space is limited


Tuesday, March 10 11am – 12pm EST