We have been notified by the United Stated Patent Office that 4Clicks will be issued a Patent for Storing Application Data (3528-P10980US). We have been striving hard for the past five (5) years to develop truly unique cloud computing applications to assist our clients reach the next levels of productivity, collaboration, and transparency. Ceasel, or cloud cost estimating system embeds the capabilities of this Patent and several other unique features.

Technical details, aside, here’s a brief summary of the Patent in layman’s terms:

Historically hard drives were expensive, as was information management and data storage in general. As a result, old data was generally permanently deleted or, in some cases, archived on tape, optical disk, or some other less accessible, long term storage media.

As we all know, archiving information is different from processing information and having historical information available real-time. The ability to see information from virtually any point in time, including all subsequent changes (who changed what, when, and how) is extremely powerful and valuable. This is what our new Patent is all about. It enables the storage of all versions of all previous and current records, and enables virtually instantaneous retrieval and use. The ability to “roll forward and backward in time” adds a new level of capability for security, change management, and a leap in productivity!

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