The RFP just came out.  You have 30 days to win this IDIQ bid.

The clock starts now!

You have 2 options to execute this bid:

  • Spreadsheets
  • e4Clicks Project Estimator


  • Open a spreadsheet, hope that you can copy and paste from the bid schedule and that you don’t have to recreate it by hand
  • Gather the information and enter the pricing by relying on past experience, in-house pricing, previous bids, calling subcontractors, and trying to find a current cost data book and figuring out the city cost index
  • Organize your findings –  on paper, on the phone, on spreadsheets, or sometimes even multiple people with multiple spreadsheets
  • Complete your bid schedule & finalize your option years

How many days did this take? We have a simpler way to combine all of this effort into one solution. Technology called – e4Clicks is waiting.

e4Clicks Project Estimator:

  • Setup project, import the bid schedule, gather the information, enter pricing, export to Excel, update your final bid schedule, and submit!

Finished with time to spare?  We think you get the idea. Quit trippin’ – Start 4Clickin’!IDIQ

4Clicks is the only project management and estimation software that locks down your IDIQ pricing, pre-populates prices for you when you open up your guide, and allows you to change line items for multiple option years.  This can easily be done using e4Clicks.

Finally, a convenient and efficient way to integrate your pricing, or any IDIQ pricing guides into a single solution that makes your work easier and delivers what your clients demand, is here!  It’s time to simplify this process and give your business a BOOST. Imagine the time you’ll have to win even more bids!

Email us to help you get started! Or Call us at: 866-438-4254

About 4Clicks:  We are the premier provider of cost estimating and efficient project delivery management software and services.  Our tools are By Estimators for Estimators.  We help Owners, Contractors, Subcontractors, and AEs increase productivity through the use of collaborative, transparent, accurate, and proven processes as well as robust cost information.

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