Accuracy and completeness are critical factors in all cost estimates. JOC/SABER cost estimates are based upon a thorough review of drawings and available engineering data, a site visit, and a detailed and current unit price book (UPB). The use of 4Clicks technology and the RSMeans UPB, specifically designed and/or enhanced to support JOC/SABER, greatly support your efforts by ensuring consistency, information reuse, document storage and management, and dramatically improving productivity.

Renovation, repair, sustainability, and minor new construction projects typically begin with a review of the planned scope of work. Additional considerations include the acquisition plan, determining the quantities, the cost/pricing sources, cost development, and supporting documentation.

As a cost estimator the scope of work involves understanding the constructability and operability of the project being estimated, a site visit, review drawings, specifications, and construction sequences and durations – allow of which help to determine total estimated construction costs.

A project acquisition plan or strategy is also required early within the project planning. Acquisition examples associated set asides may include competitive bid, a small disadvantaged business/8a, HUB-zone, small veteran-owned business, women-owned business, etc.

A scope of work is associated with a group of tasks. At the most detailed level, each task is usually related to, and performed by a crew. The cost estimator develops or selects the task descriptions by defining the type of effort or item to be constructed. Task descriptions should be as complete and accurate as possible to lend credibility to the estimate and aid in later review and analysis.

Estimates should include any relevant notes that clarify the design, cost, crew, productivity, and unit price assumptions. It is important that the estimate demonstrate the basis of cost, the basic assumptions, and traceability for defense of the estimated costs.

The terms Unit Price Book (UPB), cost book, price guide are synonymous. Within 4Clicks Project Estimator, the extended 400,000 line item RSMeans price data is typically the primary source, however, custom price books/custom pricing may also be supported. RSMeans Cost Data is provided in all levels of detail, including labor, equipment, material, crew, productivity, and localized cost indexes (CCI-City Cost Index). Data in organized via the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) MF2010 format, and Uniformat II format.

Visual estimating and quantity “takeoff” are also important aspects of the cost estimate.

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