e4Clicks From Introductory to Advanced VIRTUAL Training


We are now offering VIRTUAL e4Clicks training, from Introductory to Advanced training classes! Learn from your office chair or at home. Take advantage of an opportunity to bring your estimating skills – and overall SABER, JOC, SATOC, MATOC, IDIQ, MACC, POCA, and BOA project productivity – to the next level!

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Owners looking to better manage your projects, Contractors looking to better serve your clients and win more jobs, and AE’s hoping to enhance your estimating capabilities: these virtual classes are designed for you!

***Please note, there is a pre-requisite if you are attending Day 3 Advanced Training: You must have (a) Previously attended the Introductory class or be registered for Days 1 & 2 preceding this class, or (b) Be an experienced user of e4Clicks Project Estimator***

AEP Approved Education Provider
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are provided to 4Clicks training program participants. 4Clicks is an AACE International’s Approved Education Provider (AEP). The AEP symbol identifies training programs that meet AACE International’s high standards.

Course Syllabus

Day 1: Basics of e4Clicks and Estimating

Start TimeEnd TimeTopicOutline
8:00 AM8:15 AMConference IntroductionWelcome, Introductions, Schedule, Objectives, Website, Sign up for Newsletter, Survey
8:15 AM9:00 AMProject Management BasicsContacts, City Cost Indexes, Crews, References
9:10 AM9:30 AMClass Exercise #1 – Group,Program Basics (Page B-4)Create New Contact
9:30 AM10:10 AMQuick StartCreating a Project, Creating an Estimate, Opening a Guide, Searching a Cost Data Guide, Entering Line Items, Printing Estimate
10:20 AM10:50 AMClass Exercise #2 – Project(Page B-5)New Project, Search the Guide, Add Line Items, Print Estimate
11:00 AM11:30 AMProject and Estimate HighlightsProject Window, Menu Options, Update Project Window and Tabs, Estimates Tab, Menu Options, Updating Estimate Window and Tabs
11:30 AM11:50 AMClass Exercise #3 –Projects/Estimates (Page B-6)New Projects, Rename Estimate, New Estimates
11:50 AM12:00 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
12:10 PM1:00 PMLine Item and Pricing GuideHighlightsLine Items Tab, Menu Options, Update   Line Item Details Window, Custom Line Items, Quick-Select Guide, Pricing Guides, Cost Data, Menu Options, Search Utilities
1:10 PM1:30 PMClass Exercise #4 – Project(Page B-7)New Project, Search the Guide, Add Line Items, Print Estimate
1:30 PM1:45 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
1:45 PM2:00 PMQ&A and ReviewQ&A, Review

Day 2: Estimating Tools and Basics of eTakeoff

Start TimeEnd TimeTopicOutline
8:00 AM8:15 AMConference IntroductionWelcome, Introductions, Schedule, Objectives, Website, Sign up for Newsletter, Survey
8:15 AM8:50 AMPrinting Estimates Reports / Import/ExportOutput, Legends and Details, Import, Export, Print and Export
9:00 AM9:40 AMClass Exercise #5 – Project (Page   B-8)New Project, Search the Guide, Add Line Items, Custom Line Item, Print Estimate, Export Estimate
9:40 AM9:50 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
10:00 AM10:50 AMTechnical   Evaluations / Revised EstimateTechnical Evaluation, Revised Estimate
11:00 AM11:20 AMClass Exercise #6a – ProjectNew Project, Search the Guide Using the Index, Add Line Items (Shopping Cart), Print Estimate
11:20 AM11:30 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
11:30 AM12:00 PMClipboardEstimate Clipboard, Copy Estimate, Line Item Clipboard, Project Explorer, Copy Line Item
12:10 PM12:30 PMClass Exercise #7 – Estimate   Efficiency (Page B-11)Copy/Paste Estimates, Apply Takeoff
12:30 PM12:40 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
12:40 PM1:00 PMAdvanced Tool – ProjectsProject Tools: Process Tagged Items, Batch Modify
1:10 PM1:50 PMeTakeoff – Basics and Integration with e4ClickseTakeoff, Quantity Field, Batch Modify, Return with Quantity, Load Most Recent eTakeoff Quantity, Clear Values
1:50 PM2:00 PMQ&A and ReviewQ&A, Review

Day 3: e4Clicks Advanced Tools

Start TimeEnd TimeTopicOutline
8:00 AM8:15 AMConference IntroductionWelcome, Introductions, Schedule, Objectives, Website, Sign up for Newsletter, Survey
8:15 AM9:00 AMAdvanced Tool – EstimatesEstimate Tools: Process Tagged Items, Batch Modify
9:10 AM9:30 AMClass Exercise #8 – Batch Modify Projects and Estimates (Page B-12)Change Activity Status and Estimator
9:30 AM9:40 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
9:50 AM10:30 AMAdvanced Tools – Line ItemsLine Item Tools:  Process Tagged Items, Batch Modify, Reselect Guide, Select Modifiers
10:30 AM10:50 AMClass Exercise #9 – Select   Modifiers (Page B-13)Select Modifiers – What comes first:  the estimate or the modifiers?
10:50 AM11:00 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
11:10 AM12:00 PMPricing GuidesIncreasing Speed and Accuracy, Alternates Guide, Helpful Options
12:10 PM12:40 PMClass Exercise #10 – RSMeans Tools (Page B-14)Remove and Replace, Create Alternate, and more tools
12:40 PM12:50 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
1:00 PM1:20 PMUpdating Pricing Guide YearsUpdate Estimate Pricing Year, Updating Project Totaling Schema, Updating Estimate Totaling Schemas
1:20 PM1:40 PMClass Exercise #11 – Update Pricing Guide Year (Page B-15)Update Pricing Guide Year, Apply New Totaling Schemas
1:40 PM1:50 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
1:50 PM2:00 PMQ&A and ReviewQ&A and Review