Introduction to Electrical Estimating


Designed for every e4Clicks user, this class will hone and perfect your electrical estimating skills! We will explore the details of the major electrical components commonly needed to estimate using e4Clicks. You will walk away from this class confident in your electrical estimating skills.

While in previous training classes, we focused on learning e4Clicks, you’ll now learn the other half of the equation and expand your electrical estimating knowledge!

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The best way to learn it, is to do it! Each lesson will be reinforced with hands-on exercises.

You will:
Gain deeper understanding of electrical components
Generate “punch-list” and auditable estimates that are correct and complete
Produce your own accurate electrical estimates without relying solely on or waiting for sub-contractors’ estimates
Create template estimates for quick and accurate estimating in the future
We will use the MF04 format to “Format” not only the estimate, but also this class. There are many ways to organize an estimate; we will organize our estimates by division.

The following items will be covered in this class:
Organizing Electrical Estimates
Electrical References
Electrical Terminology
Branch Circuits
– Panelboards
– Circuit Breakers
– Conduit
– Conductors
– Receptacles & Switches
Electrical Take-off

The cost of attending our 1-day Intro course is $760.00 per attendee. The cost of attending both the Architectural and Electrical Intro class (2 days in a row) is discounted to $940.00. Please email or call us to process your payment if you are enrolling in both classes. Please remember you must have a computer to attend. Registrants without a laptop can rent one for $150.00 each. A training version of e4Clicks will be provided. Attendees will be using e4Clicks, and a basic working knowledge of the program is required.

AEP Approved Education Provider
Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are provided to 4Clicks training program participants. 4Clicks is an AACE International’s Approved Education Provider (AEP). The AEP symbol identifies training programs that meet AACE International’s high standards.

Course Syllabus

4Clicks Intro to Electrical Estimating

Start TimeEnd TimeTopicOutline
8:00 AM8:15 AMCourse IntroductionWelcome, Introductions, Schedule, Objectives, Website, Newsletter, Spotlights, Survey
8:15 AM8:30 AMOrganizing Electrical EstimatesDiscuss the Different Ways to Organize an Electrical Estimate and Why
8:30 AM8:45 AMClass Exercise #1 – Organizing Electrical EstimatesCreate a Project and Estimate, Re-name Estimates, Augment Estimates and Organize them by Division
8:45 AM8:50 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
9:00 AM9:30 AMElectrical Tips and ReferencesDiscuss the Importance of Cost Data Electrical Tips and References
9:30 AM9:50 AMClass Exercise #2 – Locating References and Copy to FolderLocate the References Listed and Copy to a Folder on your Desktop
10:00 AM10:40 AMBranch CircuitsDiscuss Branch Circuits – Panelboards, Circuit Breakers, Conduit
10:40 AM11:10 AMClass Exercise #3 – Branch CircuitsFrom the list provided, Build a 100a Panelboard Template Estimate
11:20 AM11:30 AMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
11:30 PM12:00 PMBranch CircuitsDiscuss Branch Circuits – Conductors, Receptacles and Switches, Boxes, and Covers
12:00 PM12:30 PMLunch
12:30 PM1:00 PMBranch Circuits – ContinuedDiscuss Branch Circuits – Conductors, Receptacles and Switches, Boxes, and Covers
1:00 PM1:40 PMClass Exercise #4 – Branch CircuitsBuild a Branch Circuit Template Estimate
1:40 PM1:50 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
2:00 PM2:30 PMElectrical TakeoffDiscuss Electrical Takeoff, eTakeoff, SOW, Drawings, Specs
OPTION 1: Build a Communication/Data Estimate
2:30 PM3:00 PMCommunicationDiscuss Communication and Data, Cat 6, Connectors and Outlets
3:10 PM3:35 PMClass Exercise #5 – Communication EstimateBuild a Communication Estimate
3:35 PM3:45 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
3:45 PM4:00 PMQuestionsQuestions, Training Classes, and Good-byes
OPTION 2: Build a Fire Alarm Estimate
2:30 PM3:00 PMFire AlarmDiscuss Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
3:10 PM3:35 PMClass Exercise #6 – Fire Alarm EstimateBuild an Addressable Fire Alarm Estimate
3:35 PM3:45 PMClass Exercise – SolutionClass Exercise – Solution
3:45 PM4:00 PMQuestionsQuestions, Training Classes, and Good-byes