1. Buildings account for almost 40 percent of primary energy use in the United States, 12 percent of total water use, and 60 percent of all non-industrial waste. Indoor environmental quality of buildings affects the health, safety, and productivity of the people who occupy them.

2. The U.S. federal government has the opportunity, and the responsibility, to significantly improve the performance of its buildings and to lead the way for other large organizations to do the same. The Federal government owns or leases 429,000 buildings worldwide, containing 3.34 billion square feet of space.

3. JOC and SABER programs can play a very important role retrofitting existing buildings to achieve higher performance levels. These efficient construction delivery methods enable higher productivity and greater transparency vs. traditional “design-bid-build”. More projects can be accomplished on-time and on-budget with Job Order Contracting and Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering Requirements.

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