Why JOC and SABER are Important to AE’s

AE’s need to develop long term relationships with owners built upon trust and performance.
To accomplish this, it’s important that architects and engineers leverage efficient construction project delivery methods to the same degree as innovative contractor s and owners.

There is a reason that the first place owners look to reduce cost is the construction delivery method used to obtain construction services. Project delays, change orders, cost increases, and overall quality are directly linked to the construction project delivery method and associated management processes.

AE professionals will benefit by understanding that traditional contruction methods such as design-bid-build are not well suited for many projects, and adopting more efficient practices. For example, design-bid-build doesn’t allow for up-front discussion and understanding by all parties. More time than not, this lack of upfront communication leads to discontent, distrust, delays, higher procurement costs, and a long list of change orders – all combing to create severe inefficiencies and higher total project costs.

For new construction, Design-Build and Construction Manager At Risk adoption rates are increasing due to their ability to improve overall project outcomes and reduce costs. However, Job Order Contracting and SABER provide better efficiency gains for AE’s, owners, and contractors for minor new construction, repair, renovation, and sustainability projects.

Relationships, communication, and collaboration affect overall project success or failure more than any other factors. Since design professional take an owner’s vision and needs to create paper or electronic documents that will enable a contractor to build, repair, or renovate a building or space, it’s only logical that AE’s embrace more suitable construction delivery methods.

Everyone – architect, engineer, contractor, owner – has a responsibility to their bottom line to help assure construction projects are completed on time, with the highest quality, safely, and at a fair and reasonable price.

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