Attention 4Clickers! New Architectural Estimating Class in Las Vegas, April 10-11

The new Introduction to Architectural Estimating 2-Day Class is very important for:

  1. Learning how to use RSMeans for Architectural Estimating
  2. Optimizing your RSMeans Architectural Estimating skills
  3. Learning RSMeans if you’re a new 4Clicker

Architectural estimating with RSMeans requires experience. For example, finding the right lock set at the right price can be a challenge!  Unless of course, you know how to find what you need.  That’s where we come in.  After our two-day course you will walk away confident that you can properly estimate your jobs.  As a Contractor, this means earning a reasonable profit.  As an Owner, this means greater accuracy.  Everyone benefits!  Explore the details of the major architectural components you will commonly need for estimating. www.4Clicks/training

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