Many of you are curious where we are on our Ceasel development.  We are basically done with our “beta” period.  We are finishing up the programming on the main pieces we want in our release program.  Much, much more will be added of course, but we wanted a good baseline for folks.  So what have we been up to over the year?

One of the biggest frustrations with online products is speed and response.  We have focused incredible time and effort on these items throughout programming – especially this last year.  Shortly, we are releasing a Usability Test that will allow you to test your system against Ceasel to let you know how it should respond.  The test will give you immediate feedback on how the speed of your internet, computer, and browser will affect Ceasel and which of those areas to tweak to get the best results.

Portfolio and report branding allows you to customize logos, headers, and footers.  Brand your reports however you need!Importing and Exporting is up and running!  You can import/export cost items, estimates, projects, folders, and more! Need to switch out one cost item with another while keeping your quantity, notes, and takeoff?  Piece of cake.  Need to switch it to another year?  No worries.  Do you want to change the year (or other settings) of all of your cost items?  Use ‘Batch Modify’, and it’s done in a matter of clicks!

So what can you do with an RSMeans cost item?  You can choose bare or overhead and profit pricing, then you can integrate a CCI, you can now customize it as necessary, and even enhance it to account for ‘remove and replace’ as an extreme example.  We have given you crazy control over your cost items!

These were all added while working through the kinks of launching a new program on a new platform.  We can’t thank our “beta testers” enough for their patience and help working through this period and the bugs they encountered.  Their efforts will benefit all Ceasel users!! Stay tuned for more information on Ceasel production and the upcoming “official” release details!  Learn more about Ceasel!

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