I use Pro edition. I need to make changes to my estimate’s line items and track those changes. Is that possible?

Users with the Pro edition of the software can use the software’s Revised Estimate feature when they need to make changes to an estimate and track changes to them. This process involves making a copy of your original estimate, then changing the copy to use one of these two estimate level statuses: RFPn or MODn. The steps below will give you a brief overview of the steps involved. Contact technical support if you need further guidance.

1. Copy your Original Estimate (One Estimate Only): (Ctrl+Y to clone)

A. On the Estimates tab, highlight the estimate and use Ctrl+Y to start the clone process. (Do not tag)

B. Use the window Set Properties for Newly Imported Estimates to set the properties of the copy. There are many properties. Here are some tips:

• ‘Automatically Reprice’: Leave this check box blank.

• Estimate Description: Adjust the name of the estimate.

• Status: Set it to RFPn or MODn.

• Totaling Components: Choose Use Totaling Components from the Clipboard.

• Fields to Clear: Make sure these check boxes are blank.

• Click OK on the ‘Set Properties…’ window to officially make the copy.

2. Open the New Estimate (the Copy) and Make Changes:

A. After the copy is made, open the new estimate. The Line Items tab will now allow you to view the line items with the columns Estimated, Negotiated and Variance. (Use the radio button labeled “###” to activate that view.)

• Use the radio button labeled “$$$” to activate the UM\Negotiated\Total view.

B. You can now start making quantity changes to your line items.

• Quantity changes will show in the Negotiated column and the amount of change will display in the Variance column.

• If there is a line item that you do NOT need, change the quantity to zero. (Do not delete the item or it cannot be tracked.)

• Tip: Don’t forget to make any relevant notes regarding the changes (inside the properties of the line items).

3. Run your Report:

A. When you are ready to run a report, open the Estimate Report Options window, to run a standard estimate report. However, you will want to choose the report called Revised Estimate. This report will display the columns for Estimated, Negotiated and Variance.

B. Revised Estimate is the only report that supports the use of RFPn and MODn changes for Pro users.

NOTE: This feature is not available in the Basic edition. Premier users would use the Tech Eval feature instead.

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