e4Clicks Product Introduced

e4Clicks Project Estimator™ is introduced and destined to become a premier software application for construction cost estimating and efficient project delivery within the DOD sector.  The software now exclusively delivers:

  • Cost estimating, project management, contract management, document management, and visual estimating… all in a single program.
  • 400,000 line item enhancement of RSMeans™ Cost Data (generally available with approximately 80,000 line items) with full descriptions, references, images, and specifications.
  • Automated Technical Evaluations, enabling Owners to quickly compare Contractor and Owner estimates.
  • Complete Post Negotiations Memorandums for Contractors to identify the changes that happened during the Owner/Contractor negotiation process.
  • Embedded project delivery and contract processes – JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC, MACC, POCA, and more.
  • Ability to directly populate government forms.

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