JOC / SABER – The Solution for “GREEN”, “Sustainability”, and LEED EB

Sustainability and Green refer to the designing and maintaining the built environment to in concert with economic and ecological needs.

Federal agencies are required to achieve 30% energy and water reductions by 2015 and zero use of fossil fuel by 2030 with schools and municipalities facing similar requirements.

JOC (Job Order Contracting) and SABER (Air Force equivalent of JOC) are optimal methods for efficiently planning, bidding, and executing sustainability projects with the funding available from billions of dollars via the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Many “green” projects, however, suffer from poor planning and costly paperwork/contract document and project management issues largely associated with outdated contracting methods.

JOC offers a remedy for EB (existing buildings) / LEED EB green renovation projects.

JOC allows the owner and contractor to work together from the beginning, scoping the project, and developing the plans, specifications and requirements to complete the sustainability / green renovation, repair or minor construction projects, on time and within the approved budget. If owners decide to go the LEED® certification route, they can review current conditions with contractors and discuss construction concerns and associated remedies to reach established targets – up-front – with a firm fixed price for each delivery order, prior to issuing a notice to proceed.

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