Learning’s from the Federal Project Delivery Symposium – DBIA/SAME

As usual it wasn’t the presentations or booths that provided great insight, but rather discussions with key industry thought leaders.

All concurred that BIM is NOT what the products currently being offered by Autodesk, Graphisoft, Bentley Systems, et al.  But rather BIM is primarily the INFORMATION required to better manage facilities throughout their lifecycle.  Thus efficient project delivery methods and transparent cost estimating, including JOC, SABER, IPD, SATOC ….  are core components of BIM.  Other components are CPMS (capital planning and management systems used to quantify and manage physical and functional building conditions and budget accordingly), CMMS (computerized maintenance management systems used to manage work orders for preventive and routine maintenance, CAFM (computer-aided facility management used to manage space utilization, hoteling, etc.), BAS (building automation systems used to optimized environmental, security, and health/safety systems), and GIS (geographical information systems used to provided location-based information).   The combination of “real BIM” plus CLOUD technology will help to usher in higher productivity within our AEC sector as valuable information is put to use in a collaborative, transparent manner.

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