Visual estimating can improve productivity, accuracy, and collaboration.
eTakeoff ™ stands head and shoulders above all software others and includes the following exclusive features:

Extensions – Extended Measurement Calculations
Extensions allow user input and calculations to be added to individual measurements. For example, a “Wall Area” extension would allow the user to enter the wall height then calculate the wall area as the measurement length multiplied by the entered height. With a simple line traced over the drawing, the drywall, studs, tape, texture, paint, etc. can be quantified in the Quantity Worksheet.
Quantity Worksheet (QW)
The Quantity Worksheet is used to organize drawings, measurements and annotations. It has formulas that enable calculations, and you can transfer them to other applications. The quantity worksheet uses a hierarchy of items. The worksheet lets you accumulate quantities across drawings and calculate quantities based on multiple measurements. Quantity Worksheets can be imported and exported allowing you to organize your traces and calculations and use them over and over again. Standardize your office and slash your estimating time.

Pattern Search
Pattern Search can be used to find multiple occurrences of symbols representing components that need to be quantified. These components can represent material in any trade including door & wall types, fixtures & receptacles, signs, fire alarms, piers, and even landscape material like trees & shrubs. The advanced pattern search interface organizes any “non-100%” matches and enables the user to approve selections. This greatly improves overall accuracy.

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