Project delivery methods play a critical role in cost effective facility asset management

Traditional methods such as design-bid-build and even “newer” methods such as design-build are not fully collaborative. The net result is information is not shared by all parties and adversarial components of these methods typically lead to mistrust and waste.

Integrated project delivery (IPD) and Job order contracting (JOC), the later also referred to as “IPD-lite” are proven, collaborative, project delivery methods. Both IPD and JOC have been successfully embedded into software technology to enable rapid implementation and ongoing, consistent deployment. Oversight and execution of modifications, renovations, repairs, sustainability and other construction and building activities; includes tracking of transactions, changes, milestones, and work orders, for capital and non-capital projects for real estate and facilities-based activities, and all related process, can be embedded within technology and tailored to organizational requirements.

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