Last year was a difficult year for facility owners and contractors.  The sequestration had a huge effect on the Federal contracting business. It was a slow year, with not many chances to grow a business.  Many contractors were working hard to keep their doors open during that trying time. I have noticed a lot of new business coming via Every week there are more JOC, SABER, IDIQ, SATOC, MATOC and MACC contracts coming out to bid on.

They are getting ready for “end of year fallout”, when the federal government ends its fiscal year and must award all of their construction projects. Government owners and contractors are starting to walk jobs and prepare for this. Make sure you are planning and preparing now. Business development teams should be talking with local contracting officers about new opportunities. If you are blessed to have a current delivery order contract, you should meet with your owners to identify what you can be working on now. Many contracts allow for job walks. This is a great way to walk the jobs now, build your estimates, negotiate the final price and put them on the shelves ready for funding. Do what you can today to make sure you have the best fallout possible. Ensure your cost estimating software is current, your RSMeans City Cost indexes are up to date, and your staff is trained and ready to go. This could be the year everyone is working until the final seconds on the clock.  That’s not a bad thing at all. We thank all of you for your business and wish you the very best with your current and future opportunities.

Happy Fallout,


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