“Does anyone have a list or checklist of some sort that you use to make sure you do not miss anything on the drawings? “

“What estimating procedures do you use to help you?”

While 4Clickers’ know the answer is, “Use e4Clicks Project Estimator!”, here are a few more thoughts.

1. Everything starts with process and the cost database.

Lack of standardization is the root cause of waste, miscommunication, and errors in construction cost estimating. The value of standardized reference cost database using Uniformat II and Masterformat95, especially our e4Clicks expanded 400,000 RSMeans line item database, can’t be under-stated.

Using a software program that takes full advantage of and adds value to the cost database is equally important. CSI Master Format, Uniformat II and RSMeans cost data combined to make an extremely valuable “checklist” . They help provide a level of standardization for estimate sharing, and help everyone to avoid “missing” items.

2. Scope of Work “Checklist”

Review the Scope and/or Bid Form. Are there any specific requirements such as price/quantity breakdowns, Unit Prices, Alternates, Bid options, etc.

Review site – existing structures, grading, layout of the project, laydown area, entry & exit to the site and any construction phasing requirements.

What information do we have and do we not have to develop the estimate.

3. Electroncic Takeoff “Procedures & Checklist”

If you are using electronic drawings confirm backups, settings and scales (double check scale by measuring the longest dimension on the drawings to make sure it’s correct and to know the accuracy). Create and maintain a record of document PDFs, and/or other formats – Drawing number/name, scale, scale checked with dimension.

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