Stimulus, Sustainability and JOC/SABER?

Speedy, accurate construction project delivery is important to Sustainability. Why is that?

Buildings in the United States:
  Consume 39% of all Energy
  Generate 38% of all CO2 Emissions
  Account for 72% of all Electricity Consumption
  Use 14% of Potable Water
  Responsible for 40% of Raw Materials use
  Source 20% of all Waste Output

Also, did you know that a significant portion of Stimulus/ARRA funding is target toward infrastructure and Sustainability.

Your JOC/SABER program plays a very important role by enabling the rapid development and deployment of multiple Stimulus/ARRA and Sustainability Projects. Estimating, bidding, and managing multiple projects is a task for which e4Clicks Project Estimator was specifically designed, due to our integration of RSMeans, eTakeoff, document management, and project management.
Also, don’t forget the RSMeans green items!

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