Fallout is approaching and we know you are busy! Contracts are being awarded and money is being spent. Facility owners and contractors are starting to walk jobs and prepare for this. Make sure you and your team are preparing now. If you are blessed to have a current delivery order contract, you should meet with your owners to identify what you can be working on. Walk the jobs, build your estimates, negotiate the final price and put them on the shelves ready for funding. Do what you can today to make sure you have the best fallout possible!

Ensure your cost estimating software is current, your City Cost indexes are up to date, and your staff is trained and ready to go! Please take a moment and make sure you downloaded the  most recent update sent out to all customers to correct some data issues. We want you to have the best estimate with the most accurate information!

If you need last minute additional training, take advantage of our virtual classes and get the most out of your software by advancing your knowledge and skills of what the software can do for you!


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