The RFP just came out. You have 30 days to win this JOC/SABER. The clock starts now! Are you overwhelmed figuring out your perfect coefficients? It’s time to Quit Trippin’ and start 4Clickin’! You have projects with known costs that are similar to those that will be completed on this JOC/SABER contract.  It’s time to create your cost comparison estimates using RSMeans. Why would you want to start with a paper book and spend hours searching, then type each item, creating and calculating modifiers? e4Clicks solves these challenges and more.

Our search tools help you find line items you never knew existed, with descriptions that make sense. You will know what is included and excluded. You will also see images, references, and links to construction specifications. Evaluate the RSMeans localized labor rates against the prevailing wage rates. Labor costs are so important.  City Cost Index. This addresses how the unit pricing is localized. Is this set at annually or quarterly? How do you know what has happened the last few years, and what is going to happen during the next five years? The best indication of the future could be the past.  For all of your upcoming estimates with any software or spreadsheets you use, here is a link to a very useful Checklist for Bidding a JOC or SABER opportunity!!

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