Ceasel is here! It’s released in beta testing, being used, and available for purchase! After years of creating the most robust cloud-based estimating platform, it’s finally commercially available!  We’ve been testing the Beta version for a couple of months now. Overall speed and functionality continues to increase.  We are very grateful to those who have helped in the testing. They were patient with us, and in turn, have benefited as well.  It has definitely been a win-win process.

While Ceasel will never be “finished,” it will expand greatly in the future.  The current release is a fully functional estimating program. Our industry-leading enhanced RSMeans Cost Data, available only from 4Clicks, is completely integrated. We anticipate adding more databases and allowing you to create and manage your own custom ones as well!

What is a soft launch? We are excited to get Ceasel rolling and really watch how our brand new, patent-pending technology handles the increasing number of users hitting the site.  But we want to do it as smartly as possible! We will be steadily increasing the site’s load through the end of this year to ensure everything is properly prepared for our hard launch in January.

Ceasel is blazingly fast.  Nothing else on the market can match the speed and productivity gains.  Even more speed and more capabilities await us in 2015!  We would love you to be an early adopter and join us now if you wish, so you can be ready to roll in January! We do understand, however, that many of you are running feverishly through year-end fallout, and we don’t want to interfere with that either. We think 2015 is perfect for many of you to make the transition as we cross into a new year and new RSMeans’ data!

Some of you may have been hearing the name, Ceasel, or know we’ve been developing a cloud-based product from the ground up, leveraging some incredible new technologies.  What about the details: What is it? What does it do? Does it replace e4Clicks? We won’t be able to cover everything about Ceasel here, but we can hit you with the highlights and point you to our other references.

Ceasel is the next generation.  It leapfrogs traditional cost estimating systems. It is the cloud-based program that you’ve been waiting for, delivering the speed of a desktop or server-based program vs. some of the other web-based or even cloud-based programs you may have encountered. Ceasel delivers on the promise of cloud computing.  Ceasel offers virtually limitless cloud storage and computing power at your fingertips without any needs to worry about internal IT request, support and hardware.   You just need a solid internet connection and you are ready to go!  Forget about rights to load software, who to ask to update, do I have room on my computer, internal servers, RAM, ROM, or GHz!

Need to get started today, and/or work as a team from different locations? Ceasel does that for you.  How about sharing information immediately?  Ceasel does that too.  Do you need to work from home or travel and stay up to date on your projects? Yes, Ceasel accommodates your every need.  There’s no worries about a server or computer going down.  You can access Ceasel from any computer, PC, Mac or mobile phone if needed.  Your project and estimate data is now permanently and securely stored in the Windows Azure cloud.  All information is permanently saved and never deleted!  Ceasel is starting with a full integration of the most comprehensive RSMeans data available. Estimating is supercharged. Future enhancements will expand into all areas of project management, quantity takeoffs and beyond.

What about e4Clicks?  Does Ceasel replace e4Clicks? Do we need to switch to Ceasel? Which program should we be using? These are commonly asked questions.  e4Clicks and Ceasel are similar in delivering a productive RSMeans and IDIQ line item cost estimating environment second to none! Currently, e4Clicks offers more robust feature sets, and is designed to be deployed on personal computers or servers.  Ceasel’s cloud deployment basically allows unlimited development opportunities, and will eventually offer even more than e4Clicks.

We have plans to support importing e4Clicks projects and estimates. Until then, if you are on a contract that requires e4Clicks and submittals of estimates to your owners you will want to stay with e4Clicks. Right now you have two excellent options to accomplish your estimating needs. Depending on your deployment desires and required features, you might find one more helpful than the others. Please call or email us or contact your Account Manager with any questions at all!!

I wish everyone a happy fallout! Exciting times, wishing your team the very best!  –Michael Brown, CEO

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